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Weekly Horoscope:January 23 to 29, 2023

What do your stars foretell,23 to 29 January 23.Let's first know the transit of planets.Sun in Capricorn.Moon in Capricorn.Aquarius on 23rd from 01:50 pm.On 25th from 02:29 in the afternoon in Pisces.In Aries on 27th from 06:36 in the evening.Mars in Taurus.Mercury in Sagittarius.Jupiter in Pisces.Venus, and Saturn in Aquarius.Rahu in Aries,and Ketu in Libra.So let's know how it will be for your zodiac sign.
1- Aries
Aries sign people are already having a good time.which will run till noon on 25th. Problems will end.During this,the necessary work should be completed.There will be an increase in employment and there will be profit in the job.but from 25 afternoon to 27 evening, the time is going to be slightly opposite. You will not feel like working and the expenditure of money will increase even if you don't want to. Your time will be good from the evening of 27th onwards.Will spend more time with friends and family.New plans will be made.Time is also good for women and students.Worshiping Hanuman ji will be beneficial.
2- Taurus
For Taurus people,the time will be slightly opposite till the afternoon of the first day.Pay attention to your health and do not allow differences with people.Avoid confusion.After this,the time till the evening of 27th will be very good for you,so complete the previous stalled works quickly.People will get support and you will be praised in the field, good news will be received from far away.Happiness will increase from old stalled works.In the time beyond 27 evening,do necessary work after thinking carefully.Avoid spending more money.Women will need to pay attention to their health.Students can get good offers for higher education from anywhere.Worship Maa Durga for more benefits.
3- Gemini
The people of Gemini will have to do the necessary work with some caution till the afternoon of 25th.Because in the meantime there will be one or the other troublesome time.Pay attention to health.There may be pain in the feet.Avoid dispute with people.Stay away from crawling animals.Keep pace with the children.Some patience is required.Because after this i.e.from the afternoon of 25th to Sunday,the time will be beneficial for you,businessmen and employed people will get new news.The mind will be happy with the increase in work. Investment will also benefit.If someone is unemployed then he will also get a chance.Women should focus on their family life.It will be necessary for the students to leave playfulness and be serious about their work.Worshiping Ganapati will be beneficial for you.
4- Cancer
Time is going well for Cancerians.Therefore,make full use of it till afternoon on the first day and complete the necessary tasks.Because the time from then till the evening of 27th will not be good in some cases.Pay attention to health.Avoid debate.Encourage your subordinates at the workplace,it would not be appropriate to get angry on them unnecessarily.Have some patience,from the evening of 27th onwards,the time is going according to your mind. Work, business will increase.It will be necessary for women to pay attention to their health and avoid excessive mental anxiety.Students will get good news from far away.Worshiping Lord Shiva will be beneficial.
5- Leo
Time is good for Leo people from day one.which will be good in many ways till the afternoon of 25th.The body will be healthy,wealth will increase and your opponents will be away.You will get the support of your life partner and a business plan can also be made in his name. Make good use of the time.After noon on 25th, you need to be a little careful in the remaining days.There will be confusion in the mind regarding work.Due to which the anxiety will increase.That's why save the mind from wandering here and there. Be patient and take the support of spirituality.Women's interest in business work will increase. Students will get success according to their hard work.Worshiping Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.
6- Virgo
The people of Virgo will have to do important work carefully till the afternoon of the first day.Take care of your health and keep your valuables safe.The time from the afternoon of the first day till the evening of 27th will be according to the mind for business and job profession.There can be new contracts to increase business.There will be cooperation of everyone in the family.Women will be required to respect elders in the family.Time is good for the students.But from the evening of 27th, do important work carefully and be careful in long journeys.There will be benefit from worshiping Ganapati.
7- Libra
The first part of the week is not very favorable for Libra people.Do the important work thoughtfully.This situation will remain till noon on 25th.Time will not be right in terms of health. Fear will remain in the mind.There can also be estrangement from loved ones.Keeping a balance in behavior and following the advice of elders can be of some benefit.After noon on 25th,the remaining time of the week is of growth in work business.Health will be good, a plan can be made to travel somewhere far away.There will be an atmosphere of enthusiasm among the family members and plans for auspicious works will be made.Women should avoid confusion. Time is good for the students.Worship of Maa Lakshmi will be beneficial.
8- Scorpio
For Scorpio people, the time till the afternoon of the first day is good.So make full use of it and complete important tasks during this time.Because from the afternoon till the evening of 27th,there will be some hindrance in the work.There can be trouble in travel.Pay attention to your health and do not spend much money if it is not necessary.Women should maintain concentration of mind and pay attention to their health.From the evening of 27th onwards, the time seems to be favorable to your mind.Students are likely to get good news from outside.Worshiping Hanuman ji will be beneficial.
9- Sagittarius
People of Sagittarius will have to be careful till the afternoon of the first day.Make the food satvik.There can be some problem related to the eyes.But after this, the time till the afternoon of 25th will be of money growth.You can carry forward the thoughts that come to mind.You can work on them. Your reputation is likely to increase.Make good use of the time. Because after this you will have to keep patience from the evening of 25th onwards.Do not spend more money if it is not necessary.There will be some disturbance in the mind,there will be problem of gas in the stomach. Knee pain can increase in the elderly.It will be necessary to keep women in sync with family members.There will be progress with the advice of elders.Time is good for the students.Worshiping Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.
10- Capricorn
For Capricorns, the time till noon on the first day is fine,but instead of taking much rest, keep completing the necessary work.Because after this till the afternoon of 25th there will be some uneasiness in the mind. Rich food will not be good for health.The time from 25 afternoon to 27 evening is good for monetary gains.The mind will be happy and the tasks that have been stalled for many days will be completed.But in 28-29 the time will be slightly unfavorable.Regular exercise will be necessary for health.With patience and spirituality, a person can get away from mental troubles.The mind of women will be engaged in spending more money. But be careful while traveling.Students will get success according to their mind. Worshiping Lord Shiva will be beneficial.
11- Aquarius
Aquarians will have to be careful while traveling long distances and spend money wisely till the afternoon of the first day.After this, the time till the afternoon of 25th will be good for you.Family obligations will be fulfilled.There can be a short trip somewhere, meeting with friends will also increase.It will be good if the food is kept simple from 25th afternoon to 27th evening.Try to associate with friends with good thoughts and do not let irritability arise in your mind.There will be an increase in respect in the time of 28-29. Increase in work business will create a good environment.It would not be appropriate for women to keep their minds under wraps.If needed,take the advice of the spouse or elders of the family. Worshiping Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati will be beneficial.
12- Pisces
Pisces people will get mixed results this week.The necessary work should be completed by the afternoon of the first day.Time is running according to the mind. But after this,there will be more concern about respect till 25th afternoon.If you work hard then you can get some profit.But avoid spending more money.Have some patience,from 25th afternoon to 27th evening, your time will be much better than before.Will be interested in domestic works.Mostly you will rest.Will also get support from spouse and friends.27 Maintain courtesy in conversation with people in the evening. It will be useful for you in future.Women should not take any decision in haste.The advice of elders will be appropriate.Students may be a little worried about their future.But be patient,better times will come ahead.Recitation of Vishnu Sahastranam will be beneficial.So this was the weekly horoscope.See you again on 30 January.
Till then stay healthy – stay safe.

(Writer is a renouned Astrologer, Vastu consultant & spritual healer. He is based in Pune. His nos are-9425006196,7574885030)

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