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Sam Altman to raise $7 trillion to reshape semiconductor industry

In a bold move indicative of the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Silicon Valley luminary Sam Altman is reportedly setting his sights on the semiconductor industry. The former president of Y Combinator and CEO of OpenAI is reportedly his sights on a new frontier:the semiconductor industry. According to a Wall Street Journal report published, Altman is engaged in conversations with investors, including those from the United Arab Emirates, to secure trillions in funding aimed at bolstering global production of chips specifically designed for AI technology.This initiative could require raising as much as $5 trillion to $7 trillion, as per the report.

Altman is reportedly looking to resolve some of the biggest challenges faced by the rapidly-expanding artificial intelligence sector -- including a shortage of the expensive computer chips needed to power large-language models like OpenAI's ChatGPT.The global chip industry is currently dominated by just a few firms, including Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and US-based NVIDIA.Altman has floated the idea of building dozens of chip-fabrication plants in the next few years with money from Middle East investors, and then paying TSMC to build and operate them, the Journal said.

(Ira Singh, Asstt Editor, Gandhinagar)

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