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For Whom the Bell Tolls

Vijay Rupali’s ouster as Gujarat Chief Minister makes it clear that the ruling dispensation in the country led by the Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo is no longer sure of its sway over the people. The move comes just 5-6 months ahead of Assembly elections in five states, including the crucial state of Uttar Pradesh, which sends the largest number of members to the Lok Sabha. Gujarat itself would be having Assembly elections towards the end of next year. Rupani is the fourth BJP Chief Minister in the country to be shown the door this year. It earlier happened in Karnataka and twice in Uttarakhand.

Another big event in this context of course is the massive reshuffle of the Union Cabinet earlier this year. The dropping of several stalwarts from the Ministry made it clear that every body in the ruling dispensation was accountable except for the top duo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. After the mishandling of the Covid pandemic, it was clear that some heads were to roll. Also, the mishandling of the economic situation made crucial changes necessary.

At least, in the case of the way in which people have been made to suffer the adverse effects of the pandemic, it is clear to most rational people, except for the hardcore BJP-RSS elements and the sold out big business controlled media that the primary responsibility lies with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also Home Minister Amit Shah. It was the Prime Minister, who unilaterally announced the first lockdown, without any preparations. It resulted in bringing misery and desolation to millions of common people. And Amit Shah was made the boss of the Covid management.
The public disenchantment with the ruling dispensation on account of the mismanagement of the Covid pandemic and the economy has been crystal clear for some time. Vijay Rupani’s virtual sacking makes it clear that everyone in the ruling coalition can be sacrificed except for the top duo. But it also shows that the options available are getting more limited by the day. What happens by 2024, when the general elections would be due, is anyone’s guess.

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