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Not aware of any deal, Shilpa Shetty on FIR in cheating case

Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty has said that she and husband Raj Kundra were not involved in any cheating case. She clarify her stand on the FIR filed against the duo. The couple and Kaashif Khan, the director of SFL Fitness company, have been accused of duping a Mumbai-based businessman of Rs1.51 crore.In a tweet,Shilpa said, all deals were struck by him and he was signatory in banking and day-to-day affairs. We are not aware of any of his transactions not have we received a single rupee from him for the same. All franchisee's dealt directly with Kashiff. The company closed in 2014 and was entirely handled by Kashiff Khan.

An FIR was registered based on a complaint by businessman Nitin Barai. He has claimed that in July 2014, Kaashif Khan, Shilpa and Raj, and a few others, asked him to invest Rs 1.51 crore into SFL Fitness company to earn a profit. He also claims that he was assured that the SFL Fitness company will provide him franchise and open a gym and spa in Pune but things did not materialise. Later, when he sought his money back, he was allegedly threatened. 

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