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What do your planets say

What do your planets say,  24 to 30 April 22. First of all know about the transit of planets.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Capricorn till 5.29 am on 25th,in Aquarius till 11 am on 27th, in Pisces till 6.42 pm on 29th, then in Aries.Mars in Aquarius, Mercury in Aries till April 25, then in Taurus,Jupiter in Pisces, Venus in Aquarius and in Pisces from 27th.Saturn from 29 in Capricorn to Aquarius.  And Rahu in Aries, Ketu in Libra.So let's see how it will be for your zodiac sign.

1- Aries
Time is already running well for Aries people, which will remain till the afternoon of 27th.  In the meantime, necessary works should be completed.There will be increase in employment and there will be profit in the job, but from the evening of 27 to 29, the time is going to go slightly opposite.You will not feel like working and even if you do not want to, the expenditure of money will increase.From the evening of 29th, the time will be very good for you.Your happiness and joy will increase.Happiness will increase by doing the work you want.  Time is also good for women and students.Worshiping Hanuman ji will be beneficial.

2- Taurus
The first day will be a bit opposite for Taurus people.Pay attention to your health and don't let there be differences with people, avoid confusion.From the evening of 25 to 29, the time will be very good for you,so complete the previous pending works quickly.You will get the support of people and you will also be appreciated at the workplace, you will get good news from afair.The last day of the month will make the run.Anger will increase if the work is not done according to the mind.Spend money wisely.And be careful while traveling.    Women will have to pay attention to their health.Students can get good offers for higher education from anywhere.Worship Goddess Durga for maximum benefits.

3- Gemini
For the people of Gemini,the time till before the afternoon of 27 will be somewhat troublesome.Pay attention to health.There may be pain in the feet.Avoid disputes with people.Stay away from crawling animals.Maintain harmony with your child.A little patience is required.Because from this till the last day of the month, the time will be beneficial for you,there will be new news for businessmen and employed people.The mind will be happy due to increase in work.There will also be benefits from investment.If someone is unemployed then they will also get an opportunity.Women should focus on their family life.It will be necessary for the students to be serious about their work leaving the fickleness.Worshiping Ganpati will be beneficial for you.

4- Cancer 
Time is going well for Cancer sign people.Therefore, make full use of the day and complete the important tasks on the first day.Because from then onwards i.e. from the evening of 25 to 29 the time will not go well in some cases.Pay attention to health.Avoid arguments.Give encouragement to your subordinates at the workplace, it will not be appropriate to get angry on them unnecessarily.Have some patience, from 30 onwards your time is going to be favorable for the mind.The stalled work will be completed.So there will be happiness.Interaction with people will also increase.It will be necessary for women to pay attention to their health and avoid excessive mental anxiety.Students will get good news from far away.His timing is fine.Worship of Lord Shiva will be beneficial for all of you.

5- Leo
Time is good for Leo sign people.Which will be good in many ways till the afternoon of the 27th.The body will be healthy, wealth will increase and your rivals will be away.Spouse will get support and a business plan can also be made in his name.From the afternoon of 27 you need to be a little careful till the last day of the month.There will be confusion in your mind regarding your work.Due to which the concern will increase.So save the mind from wandering here and there.Be patient and take support of spirituality.Women's interest in business will increase.  Students will get success according to their hard work.Worship of Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.

6- Virgo
Virgo sign people will have to put a little hold on important works on the first day.Take care of your health and keep your valuables safe.The time from the evening of 25 to 29 will be according to the mind for those in work, business and employed.There may be new contracts to increase business.There will be full support of people in the family and the work done by you will also be appreciated.But from the evening of 29, you have to maintain balanced behavior with people.Don't let bad thoughts come in your mind towards anyone.Stay away from the state of anger.Women will have to respect the elders in the family.Time is right for students.Worshiping Ganpati will be beneficial.

7- Libra
The half of the week of Libra people i.e. till before noon on 27th will not be good from the point of view of health.Fear will remain in the mind.There may also be estrangement with the people close to you.There can also be some benefit by keeping a balance in behavior and following the advice of elders.From 27th till 30th of the last day of the month, the work is of growth in business.Health will be good,somewhere far away travel plans can also be made. There will be an atmosphere of enthusiasm among the family members and auspicious work will also be completed.Women should avoid confusion.  Students are on time.Worship of Goddess Lakshmi will be beneficial.

8- Scorpio
Time is already good for Scorpio people.So make full use of it and complete the necessary tasks.Because from the evening of 25 to 29,there will be some interruption in work.Travel can be difficult.Take care of your health and do not spend more money if it is not necessary.Avoid getting too excited, have some patience.From the evening of 29th,the time will go according to the mind.The dispute which has been going on for a long time will end.The mind will be happy due to the increase in the business of the spouse and travel plans will also be made.Women should maintain the concentration of mind and pay attention to their health.  Students are likely to get good news from outside.Worshiping Hanuman ji will be beneficial.
9- Sagittarius
The first day will be a bit of mental dissatisfaction for the people of Sagittarius.Make the food sattvik.There may be some trouble related to the eyes.But from 25 to 27 before noon, there will be an increase in wealth.You can carry forward the thoughts that have come to your mind.You can work on them.Your reputation is likely to increase.Take advantage of the time because from then till the next 30, you will have to be patient.Do not spend more money if it is not necessary.There will be some disturbance in the mind, the problem of gas will arise in the stomach.Elderly people may develop knee pain.Women will have to maintain harmony with family members.There will be progress with the advice of elders.Good time for students.Worship of Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.

10 - Capricorn
Time is fine for Capricorn people, but instead of taking more rest, the necessary work should be completed in the first day.Because from 25 to 27 in the morning,there will be some restlessness in the mind.  Rich food will not be good for health.The time from 27 to 29 evening is good for monetary gains.The mind will be happy and the work which has been stalled for many days will be completed.But avoid long distance travel on 30.Regular exercise will be essential for health.Abdominal pain may increase.With patience and spirituality, one can get distance from mental troubles.Women's mind will be inclined to spend more money.But be careful while traveling.Students will have to give up laziness.  Well, according to the mind, you will get success.Worship of Lord Shiva will be beneficial.
11- Aquarius
Aquarius people will have to be careful while traveling long distances on the first day and spend money wisely.The time from 25 to 27 before noon will be the best for you.Family responsibilities will be fulfilled.There can also be a short trip somewhere,mail meeting with friends will also increase.From the evening of 27 to 29, it will be good if the food is simple.Try to be in the company of good minded friends and let there be no irritability in the mind.Be patient,30th will be the best for you.Honor and respect will increase.With the increase in work business, a good environment will be created.It would not be appropriate for women to suppress their mind.  Take advice of spouse or elders in the family when necessary.Worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati will be beneficial.

12- Pisces
Pisces sign people should complete the important tasks on the first day.Time is running according to the mind.But in 25-26, there will be more concern for respect.If you work hard, you can get some benefit.But avoid spending money,have some patience ahead From the evening of 27 to 29, your time will be much better than before.Homework will take interest.  Mostly you will rest.There will also be support from spouse and friends.It will be necessary to pay attention to health on 30.Maintain good manners in conversation with people.This will come in handy for you later.Women should not take any decision in haste.  The advice of elders will be appropriate.Students may be a little worried about their future.  But be patient, good times will come ahead.Recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama will be beneficial.

So this was the weekly horoscope.Will see you again now. Till then stay healthy - stay safe.

(Writer is a renouned Astrologer, Vastu consultant & spritual healer. He is based in Pune. His nos are-9425006196,7574885030)

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