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Weekly Horoscope, November 21 -27

What do you say - your planets-21to27 November 2022. Welcome to all of you in this program of weekly horoscope.Now let's see the transit of planets this week.Sun in Scorpio.Moon in Virgo.In Libra from 12.30 pm.23 in Scorpio from 4.03 pm In Sagittarius on 25th from 5.20 pm. In Capricorn from 6.04 pm on 27th.Mars retrograde in Gemini.Mercury in Scorpio,Jupiter in Pisces, Venus in Scorpio.Saturn in Capricorn,Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra.So let us know what it says for you.
1- Aries
Things are already going well for the people of Aries,which will till the evening of 23rd. The mind will be happy with the old stalled works.Will get the support of the life partner. You will also get success in controversial works.There will be profit in business.From then till Sunday evening, the time will be slightly opposite.The mind will remain depressed due to not getting work done on time.Take special care of health.Your time will start well from Sunday evening.Worship Hanumanji or recite Mangal Kavach.
2 - Taurus
The people of Taurus should keep the important tasks on hold till the noon of the first day. Because this time will be of seasonal diseases,running and mental stress.It would be good to take the support of yoga and spirituality.Have some patience,the time from afternoon till the evening of 25th is bringing solutions to the problems.Enemies will be destroyed and respect will increase.Work business will increase.From the evening of 25th till Sunday,There can be some tension. Travel expenses will be high.Be careful in important works.Worshiping Lakshmi will be beneficial.
3- Gemini
The time from the first day to the evening of the 23rd will be somewhat difficult for the people of Gemini.Take care of the elders in the family.Routine may be affected.It will be necessary to take care of health.Unknown fear will remain in the mind.From the evening of 23rd till the end of the week,the mind will be happy to get good news.Will take interest in work business.Outbound travel will be planned.Recite Ganapati Atharvashirsha, there will be benefits.
4- - Cancer
For Cancerians,the first day till noon is the time for growth in work,business and prestige. Complete the work on time because after this,till the evening of 25th,the position of the planets will stall the work and a situation of anger will arise.Take care of your health and have patience.After this,auspicious time is starting till Sunday.Completion of the stalled work of the previous days will increase happiness.The environment of the work place will be favorable to the mind.Worship and meditate on Lord Shiva.
5- Leo
Leo sign people will have a mixed time.They should be kept in tune with the surrounding environment until the noon of the first day.The family environment will be good from afternoon onwards.You will enjoy entertainment and travel.Make good use of the time till the evening of 23rd.From 24th to Sunday time will be spent in completing household chores. But keeping in mind the weather, take care of your health.Due to a little adverse time,the mind will remain distracted.The unknown fear will remain.It would be appropriate to take the support of spirituality and yoga.Worship Lord Vishnu or recite Aditya Stotra.
6- Virgo
Virgo people are already having a good time, which will last till the noon of 21st.Time will be balanced, domestic responsibilities will be fulfilled. Overall, the mind will be happy. From afternoon till 23 pm, eat digestible food keeping in view the weather.Do yoga and meditation amidst nature.The elders in the family have to be taken care of.Your time will be good in 24-25. The mind will be happy with the increase in prestige.Thoughtful work will be completed. But from 26th onwards the time will be slightly opposite.The mind will remain depressed due to not getting the work done on time.Recite Ganapati Atharvashirsha. would benefit.
7 - Libra
For the people of Libra zodiac,the time till the noon of the first day will be spent in money and unnecessary travels. From then till the evening of 23rd the time is very good. There will be opportunities for profit and growth in business from outside contacts.Your time will be spent with entertainment among family members. New work will be planned.Family obligations will be fulfilled. After this,it will be necessary to adapt the food to health in 24-25. Avoid controversy. On 26-27 there are chances of increase in prestige. Time will be favorable for the mind.Worship of Maa Durga will be beneficial.
8- Scorpio
By the afternoon of the first day, the people of Scorpio zodiac will get prestige and profit as well as people's cooperation by their cleverness.Make good use of the time.Since after this the time till the evening of 23rd is not very good,be careful in long distance travel and spend money wisely. Avoid anger and be confident.There will be profit from the evening of 23rd. Time will be spent in fun.Travel programs will be made with family members and friends. In 26-27, eat according to health and maintain sweetness in relationships.Worship Hanumanji.
9- Sagittarius
From the first day to the evening of the 23rd for the people of Sagittarius.There will be success in many cases.The mind will be happy after getting good news.External contacts will be beneficial.New work will be planned.Time is in your favor, make good use of it.But after that in 24-25,travel will increase with sudden money expenditure and profit will be less. Have patience, good time will start again for you from 26th.Worship Lord Vishnu.
10- Capricorn
People of Capricorn will have to do important things after thinking carefully.Because the mind will remain restless till the afternoon of the first day.Control expenses.Travel according to the weather.But with caution.From afternoon till the evening of 25th,there will be time for growth in business. New responsibilities will come.The environment of the work place will be in accordance with the mind. Reputation will increase.In the evening of 26 to 27, the conditions may be slightly unfavorable. But since evening, your time is starting in favor of your mind.Worship Lord Shiva.
11- Aquarius
The time from the first day till the evening of 23rd will be very busy for the people of Aquarius. Stress can increase due to not getting work done on time. There will be some challenges too.Expenses will be more, profits will be less.Take care of health and spend time with family.Take the advice of elders if necessary.Stay away from mental stress.Have patience because from the evening of 23rd till the end of the week,time is favorable for the mind. Will get good news.There will be an increase in the prestige of the post.Meditate on Lord Shiva. would benefit.
12 - Pisces
The time till the afternoon of the first day is very favorable for Pisces.Profit will be good from a business point of view. There will also be profit in partnership.New people will join and relations with foreign countries will also increase. Make full use of the time.Because some mental tension may increase between evening to 25.Trust people wisely.Do important work carefully.Pay attention to health, give time between yoga and nature.Time will be favorable for you from the evening of 25th.The mind will be happy due to the increase in work business. New contacts will be made. Recitation of Vishnu Sahasranama will be beneficial. 

So this was the weekly horoscope.Now see you on 28th November.Till then.Stay healthy - stay safe

(Writer is a renouned Astrologer, Vastu consultant & spritual healer. He is based in Pune. His nos are-9425006196,7574885030)

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