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Royal Family issues extraordinary blast at BBC

UK Royal Family issues extraordinary blast at BBC for airing 'overblown and unfounded claims' in documentary about rift between William and Harry - as Meghan sends her lawyer on to insist the negative stories about the Duchess are 'false. Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace -- respectively representing Queen Elizabeth II, her son Prince Charles and grandson William -- were further angered that the BBC had refused to show them the documentary before it was broadcast, according to reports. In a rare joint statement criticised the BBC over a documentary that claimed a behind-the-scenes briefing war before Prince Harry and his wife Meghan quit frontline duties.

"The Princes and the Press" dwelt on how Harry and his elder brother William handled the press as they rose to adult prominence in the royal family following the death of their mother Diana in 1997. The first of two episodes, which aired Monday night, suggested that Harry in particular had a hostile attitude to the media, which only worsened with critical coverage of Meghan Markle after he started dating the US actress in 2016.The programme claimed palace insiders drip-fed the media with negative stories about the initially popular Harry and Meghan, as a power battle played out behind the palace walls. "A free, responsible and open press is of vital importance to a healthy democracy," said the joint statement by the three royal households, which was included in the programme."However, too often it is overblown and unfounded claims from unnamed sources that are presented as facts and it is disappointing when anyone, including the BBC, gives them credibility."

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