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Weekly Horoscope:January 9 to 15, 2023

What do you say-your planets,9 to 15 January 2023.Welcome to all of you in this program of weekly horoscope.First of all,let's see the transit of planets this week.Sun in Sagittarius. In Capricorn from 8.44 pm on 14th.Moon in Cancer.On 10th from 9.00 am in Leo.In Virgo from 8.59 pm on 12th.In Libra from 6.48 am on 15th.Mars in Taurus.Mercury in Sagittarius.Jupiter in Pisces.Venus and Saturn in Capricorn.Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra.So let's know how this time will be for your zodiac sign.
1- Aries
People of Aries will have to be patience for important work,because most of the week will not be good.If you work hard, you will get good results.From the first day to the night of 12,there can be losses due to carelessness in the works.That's why special attention will be required in business and workplace.Be careful while traveling.And be careful about your health.Headache may increase.Take care, be in the company of good people.Have patience, favorable time will be from 13th.Happiness will increase when the stopped work becomes complete.Progress in work business will increase prestige.Worship Mangal or Hanuman ji.
2- Taurus
First day of the week, your time will be spent in fulfilling family responsibilities.Health will be good. Make good use of the time.Businessmen and employed people will get good news. Your work will be appreciated.Expenses can be high during travel. Take care of the neck and shoulders.This time will be good in terms of new business and shares etc.Your journey will be busy.But between 10th to 14th, there will be a need to pay attention to food and health. Keep the necessary works on hold for a while. Time will be unfavorable.Patience will be necessary because from 15th your time is starting according to your mind.Worship Maa Durga for benefits.
3- Gemini
People of this zodiac should avoid heavy meals on the first day. Stay healthy by doing yoga etc.Be amidst nature.Don't let the tension happen.If you are looking for a better job then 10 to 12 will be the best time.May your wish come true. If you want to invest then there will be profit.Keep in mind from the night of 12, there can be loss in the work done more cleverly.Be careful about your health too.Unknown fear can arise in the mind.This situation will remain till almost Sunday.Recite Ganapati Atharvashirsha.
4- Cancer
For Cancerians, the time of the first day will be better.You will be stress free.Will meet nice people.Overall,the mind will be happy.There will be an increase in business.Your responsibilities will increase.Between 10 to 12 you would like to do something new.But be careful while traveling.Coordination with people will be necessary. Control anger.Despite this,there will be success from 13th.Time is favoring your mind. Reputation will also increase.During this,complete the necessary tasks.There will be some restlessness on 15th, there will be unknown fear in the mind.Worship Lord Shiva.
5- Leo
The time of the week will be mixed for the people of Leo zodiac sign.The time of the first day can be of problems.The time of 10 to 12 is of progress for the employed and business people. Circumstances are in your favor. make good use of time.After this, between 13-14 you will not feel very well, restlessness will increase.Control your food and drink.Stay away from anger.Maintain a good relationship in practice.Arthritis or gas related diseases can increase.Beware of throat problems.15 would be better for you.Reputation will increase. Happiness will increase.Worship Sun God and Lord Vishnu.
6- Virgo
The time of the first day will be good for the people of Virgo.During this time your respect will increase.There will be interest in work and friendship with new people will also increase.People associated with politics will get benefits. Due to divine grace, luck will favor you, so make good use of the time and complete pending tasks.Expenses will increase slightly on 10th-12th,mind will be sad.Be careful while traveling.Time of 13-14 will be favourable.Most of the time will be spent in the family.Travel will be planned.On 15th maintain sweetness in your behaviour.Offer durva to Lord Ganesha and recite Ganapati Atharvashirsha.
7- Libra
Most of the time of the week will go according to your mind.The time from the first day to the 12th will start giving benefits by removing the old problems.Small investments can be profitable.Wherever you work,there will be full cooperation of people.Spend money wisely in 13-14.Pay attention to health.There may be pain in the feet.There will be no special benefit in travel.Time of 15 will be excellent.Time will be spent among the family.Worship Maa Lakshmi on Friday and offer Kheer Prasad.
8- Scorpio
Scorpio people should take care of some things.On the first day some external reasons may increase your troubles,keep yourself healthy otherwise chronic diseases may increase. Keeping in mind the weather,keep your daily routine and food in order.Avoid anger, trust people carefully.Next,from 10th to 14th, time is good for you, you can start new work, time will be favorable for you.Contact with outside people will increase.Be careful while traveling on 15th.Take food on time.Worship Hanuman ji.
9- Sagittarius
Your busyness will increase from the first day till the 12th, so pay attention to yourself as well.Do the important work not in haste but with patience. Spend money wisely. Stay away from investment during this time.Going forward,the whole time from 13th to 15th will be good for you.Will get prestige in work business.Friends will also benefit.A new work can be planned.Worshiping Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.
10 - Capricorn
For people of this zodiac, the first day is the time to increase their business.Employed people will be appreciated at the workplace.The mind will be happy with the increase in wealth.People associated with law and politics will get respect.Make good use of the time. But between 10 to 14 the circumstances are not very favorable for you.Don't be in a hurry in new work.Be careful while traveling.Pay attention to health.Since the 15th,happiness will increase because the time is in favor of the mind.Worshiping Lord Shiva will be beneficial.
11- Aquarius
Keep the routine balanced from day 1st to  12th. Circumstances will be in your favor only with a little effort.New avenues are opening for businessmen and the time is coming for profit in investments etc.Your respect will increase at the work place,would benefit.But time beyond 13 will show adverse effect.Pay attention to health.If necessary, take the help of yoga and spirituality.Be careful in expenses while traveling.Worship Lord Shiva.
12- Pisces
Pisces should have patience.You will have some discomfort till the first day.Take a balanced diet and try to keep yourself healthy.Give some time between regular exercise and nature.
Business or employed people should maintain trust in the workers.You will also be successful with your hard work.Avoid sentimentality.External contacts will be beneficial and favorable between 10th to 14th.Think carefully before trusting anyone too much.There can also be a change of location.Pay attention to the health of the spouse.Sunday's day will be slightly adverse.Worshiping Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.
So this was the weekly horoscope.See you again on 16th January.Till then stay healthy-stay safe.

(Writer is a renouned Astrologer, Vastu consultant & spritual healer. He is based in Pune. His nos are-9425006196,7574885030)

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