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Astro Talk: planets have a complete impact on daily life

What do you say - your planets
 16 to 31 March 22

The subtle effects of planets on our body from birth.In which the transiting planets have a complete impact on daily life. So let's see what these planets say for your zodiac sign.
1- Aries
For the people of Aries, the time till the 17th will be chaotic.Pay special attention to health.Especially eat a balanced diet.There may be stomach disease.If necessary, adopt yoga etc.The time from 18 to 22 afternoon will bring special progress and success in the field.  Due to the presence of the exalted planet Mars in the karmic house, new energy and hope will be infused in you. You will also get good news about the work which has stopped for a few days.Time is good for people associated with politics.Your circle of contact will increase, so make good use of time.Because weather-related problems can arise in the time period from 23 to 26.Put important decisions on hold for a while.The time from 27 to 30 will again be favorable for you.Plans for auspicious works will also be made in the family.But if you want to go on an outward journey on 31st, then keep it postponed for now.Women should avoid excessive anger.Be patient, time is going to be good for you ahead.Students' time is already good. Worship of Hanumanji or Mangal Stotra will prove beneficial.
2 - Taurus 
For Taurus people, the time till the forenoon of 20 will feel like a little lack of self-confidence.Health problems will also remain something or the other.After this, the time till 24 evening will make the family environment friendly and auspicious works will also be completed.Rashi lord Venus in ninth house with Saturn and Mars Will give good success in the field of work. Pay attention to health due to increased occupancy from 25 to 28, be alert for diseases related to blood pressure as well as weather. Do the necessary tasks cautiously and avoid overspending.The time from 29 to 31 will give success in many fields according to your mind.  Maintain harmony in new relationships.Time is right for students. Women should avoid stress.Worship of Bhagwati Durga will be beneficial.
3- Gemini 
Income and prestige of Gemini people will increase till 16-17, make good use of time. Pay attention to the health of elders in the family from the afternoon of 18 to 22.Stay away from outside food.Due to sadness in the mind, the love of solitude will increase and will also get confused.Pay attention to health.Take the help of yoga,but be patient.The time from 22 noon to 26 is for promotion and profit in work business.Travel plans will be made with family members.Children's responsibilities will be fulfilled.Take advantage of the time because between 27 and 30 the rush and expenses are going to increase.Trust people wisely. Your work will be seen getting done on 31st.And there will also be opportunities for profit.Students should make good use of their time.Women should avoid spending more.Recite Vishnu Sahasranama or Budh Stotra as per the requirement.

4- Cancer  
Carelessness towards health will not be appropriate for Cancer people till 17, keep food and drink simple.Time from 18 to 20 am will be good for work, business and position.Career will improve now.After this, some people may oppose you till 24 evening.Take the advice of elders before starting a new work.Give proper solution to family problems.Seasonal diseases may increase.  Pay attention to the health of your life partner.But the time is good again, show speed in your works from 25 to 28, new offers can be found in business.You will get the support of family members.But there will be no benefit in traveling etc.from 29 to 31.The problem will increase due to the high expenditure.Hold on for a share.Family environment will be good for women.It is necessary for the students to concentrate.Tension will increase among people associated with politics.Worshiping Mahadev will be beneficial.

5- Leo
It will be very good till 17 for Leo zodiac, there will be a feeling of heart among the family.You will spend maximum time in mail meeting with people.The scope of public relations will increase. By the morning of 18 to 20, if you make any agreement with someone for business or other benefits, then it will be beneficial.From this time till the afternoon of 22 is important for you, take advantage of it.Long term work plan will be prepared.If you do any work in common then it will be the time from 22 noon to 26 you should keep yourself calm and maintain good behavior at work place.Meanwhile,carelessness towards health will not be justified.Food will be chaotic, some people may oppose you.Concentrate on your career patiently.If you want to invest somewhere between 27 to 30, then there will be profit.The combination of Mars, Venus and Saturn in the sixth house will make a good name in business partnership and prestige.Don't plan a trip on the 31st.Money will be spent.But there will definitely be a plan for auspicious work in the family.Students should do some hard work which will bring more profit.Women should cooperate with family members.The recitation of Aditya Hriday Stotra will be beneficial.

6- Virgo
For Virgo people,there will be a lot of running in 16-17.Minor ailments and complications will increase.From the morning of 18 to 20, the day will be good,so complete the necessary tasks, do not let the sum of profit go from your hands.Because from then on till the afternoon of 22, the time will be of little concern, the desired profit will not be there in the investment.  Do not travel as far as possible.Yes, from 22 noon to 24 evening, you will have family happiness, if you stay away from laziness and anger, then it will be appreciated.There will also be some expenditure for the responsibility of the children. After this, in 25 to 28, people may oppose you a little.Make the food simple.And be patient, your influence will increase in the time from 29 to 31, if you are associated with politics, then you will get respect, you will get new responsibility, opposition will be defeated.  Take advantage of the time.Time is right for women and children.Recite the name Ganapati Sahastra.

7- Libra
Time is already running well for Libra people, which will remain till the 17th.You should complete your important works during this period.If you are a job-professor or a businessman, then the situation will be strong.Physical pain and mental stress will go away.  The scope of work will increase.But keep in mind that time will not be good for you till the morning of 18-20.Your relations with people may deteriorate.Which will have an effect on your workplace.Will have to work harder.People associated with politics need to be careful at this time.Opponents will be active.Yes, after this till 22 noon, it will be very good for you, your contacts will increase and if you want to travel somewhere etc., then there will be benefit from there too.  If you take advice of elders in the family then it will be good.
 From 22 pm to -24 pm, you will have to avoid misunderstandings with your acquaintances.  Maintain harmony in married life as well.In 25-26 the situation will start getting stronger.  Gradually profit will be seen in work, business and investment.  If any work is stopped in the middle then that too will be completed.  So keep working hard.27 to 30 time will create some problem for you.If you are making any preparation related to foreign travel, then postpone it for a few days.Avoid investing heavily in shares etc.  Too much greed can lead to losses.Be patient, good times are coming since 31.Students will get success.Women will spend more money in fulfilling their needs.  Read Lakshmi Sukta will be beneficial.

8- Scorpio
Time is already running well for Scorpio people, which will be favorable for you till the morning of 20.Time is very good from the point of view of career, your influence and field of work will increase.There is an opportunity of profit for the people associated with politics.20 morning to 22 afternoon there will be some fluctuations, you may be deceived in the trust placed on others.It is a good time from 22 noon to 24 evening, you will get each other's support in married life, you will spend money in splendour.  Do not get involved with anyone on 25-26 and avoid unpleasant things.Colds may increase.  Pay attention to the health of your life partner.27-28 Will complete stalled domestic tasks.You can get a good offer from anywhere.  Luck will support you in business.Take care of health from 29 to 31.  Stomach related problems may increase.  Spend time with life partner.It will be necessary for women to pay attention to family responsibilities and avoid disputes.Sometimes there may be confusion in the mind of the students.Worship Bhairav ​​or Hanumanji for maximum benefits
9- Sagittarius
For the people of Sagittarius, due to lack of success in workplace and business etc.there may be estrangement with the people till the 17th.Drive the vehicle etc carefully, there will be fear of trouble on the way, it will be necessary to have patience.The time from 18 to 22 noon is going to prove to be favorable. If you are engaged in job or business,then you will get prestige.  People associated with politics will benefit.People working together will cooperate.  Higher officials will accept your advice.Your relationship with people will be strong.From 22 noon to 24 evening, it would be appropriate to control your emotions.  Take regular exercise and take care of mother's health.Take advice of good people in difficult situations, after that till 26, it will be good for family life.Avoid any kind of misunderstanding in 27-28.  Maintain good relationship with partner in family or work business.The stalled works will be completed in 29-30.  The works which were already going on will be completed.Pay attention to health in 31.The mind will be restless.Women's mind will be engaged in business work.Time is good for the students participating in the competition.Recite Narayan Stotra for maximum benefits.

10 - Capricorn
The time of Capricorn people from the first day till 20 am, the time will be slightly fluctuating.Maintain good relations in partnership, be careful in long journey.  Especially while driving.After this, the time till 24 evening is prestige in your field of work.  People will follow your advice and appreciate your hard work.  You will build good rapport with seniors.After this, in 25-26, you will have to pay special attention to your health.  eat good food .Sometimes restlessness and mental tension will increase.Take medicine on time.In 27-28, there will be success according to the mind.Don't spend time lazily. 29-30 Keep peace in your mind.New job offers can be found.In 31, there is a sum of respect for the work done by your own hard work.Women have to avoid the state of anger, there is a good sum of achievement for the students.Worship of Lord Shiva and recitation of Shani Stotra will be beneficial.

11- Aquarius
For the people of Aquarius, the time till 17 will be a time to increase their hard work, business etc.Yes, for this you have to maintain harmony with the people at your workplace. .Balance the food from the afternoon of 18 to 22.  Pain in the feet may increase.Treat your elders fairly and fulfill your duties and responsibilities with confidence.From 22 noon to 26, enthusiasm and self-confidence will increase in the mind.  Will bring good news for businessmen and people associated with politics.In such a situation, your experience and behavior will be beneficial.Be careful in long journey on 27-28.Engage yourself in family work.The time of 29-30 will be spent in entertainment and leisure.Can start new work. Maintain good relations with people on 31.Self confidence will increase in women.Keep in touch with your life partner.Students will get success according to their mind.Worship of Mahadev will increase prestige.

12- Pisces
The time of Pisces sign people from the first day till the forenoon of 20 is very good.You will get success in whatever you try.Businessmen and job-seekers will get good profit.If you are in government work then higher officials will be pleased with you.If you are associated with politics then you will get good news. But from then till 24 evening you will not be able to complete your important works on time, so there will be tension.There will be short journeys in which caution will be necessary. Avoid heavy food.The time from 25 to 28 will not only give you benefits in business, but also if you go on a trip, your reputation will increase there.  Any stalled work will be completed due to personal relationships.Divine grace will remain on you in difficult circumstances.Will not feel like work on 29-30.The expenditure of money will also increase.  Take care of the health of the family members.The time of 31 will be according to your mind. Time will pass between family members.Reputation will increase. Women have to be emotionally alert.The time of hard work is coming for the students.For more benefits, recite the Brihaspati Stotra.So this was how your planets are in transit.and now the festival
Purnima Holika festival on 18th.
And now see you again on April 1
Happy Holi to all of you.take care of yourself.Stay healthy stay safe.

(Writer is a renouned Astrologer, Vastu consultant & spritual healer. He is based in Pune. His nos are-9425006196,7574885030)

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