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Astrologer has smomething for you

What do your planets say,2 to 8 May 2022. First of all, know in which zodiac the planets are transiting  in the meantime.Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus from 4.45 in the evening on 4 in Gemini, on 7 in Cancer from 5.34 in the morning. Mars in Aquarius.Mercury- in Taurus. Jupiter in Pisces.Venus in Pisces.Saturn in Aquarius and Rahu in Aries, Ketu in Libra.
So let's see how it will be for your zodiac sign.
1- Aries
 For Aries,the time from 2 to 4 evening is good. But some things need to be noted.Be cautious about the health of elders in the family.There should be simplicity in the food, stay away from heavy food.There will be a lot of work on 5-6, yet your reputation will increase.If you work hard then the result will be good.Keep in mind on 7-8 that carelessness in any work can cause damage.Therefore,it will be necessary to pay special attention in business. Be careful while traveling.Women should be careful about health, headache may increase.  Avoid anger.Time is good for students.Worship of Mars or Hanuman ji will be better for all of you.
2- Taurus
For Taurus,time till the evening of 4 will be spent in fulfilling family responsibilities.  Your health will be good.If there is any chronic disease then that too will go away.After this on 5-6,businessmen and employed people will get good news.  Your work will also be appreciated.Between 7-8, if you want to do business from an outside place, then you will get good news from there as well.This time will be good in terms of new business and shares etc.If women want to start any work with the help of life partner, then they can do it.Time is good for students.Worship Goddess Durga for maximum benefits.

3- Gemini
For Gemini,from the evening of 2 to 4, confusion and fickleness will have to be avoided.  The zodiac lord Mercury is in the 12th, so due to lack of work according to the mind, anxiety will increase.After this 5-6 time is good,the family will stay with the people.But stay away from overly rich food.Stay healthy by doing yoga etc.Be in the midst of nature.
If you are looking for a better job in 7-8 then your wish can be fulfilled.The obstacles coming in the way of the business class will be removed.If you want to invest, there will be profit.Women have to control their emotions.You can plan to travel somewhere with your life partner.Time will be of success for the students.The recitation of Ganapati Atharvashirsha will be beneficial.
4- Cancer 
For Cancer people, the routine will be very busy from the first day till the evening of the 4th.There will be mail meeting with people.Overall the mind will be happy.Business will increase.Your responsibilities will increase in 5,6.You would like to do some new work.
If you want to invest.So the timing is good.Still, be careful while traveling.Will spend time with life partner in 7,8.But reconciliation will be necessary.Control anger.There will also be talk of Manglik work in the family.Women should share their mind with their life partner.  The mind of the students will wander a little.Despite this,there will be success.  Worship of Lord Shiva will be beneficial.

5- Leo
For Leo people, more than half of the week i.e. from the first day to the 6th will be good.  It is time for advancement for employed and business people.Circumstances will be favorable for you.Keep a controlled diet in 7-8.Saturn is the seventh planet in the transit,keep your diet under control.Vata disease or gas related disease may increase.Women have to take care of the health of elders in the family.Students leave their laziness and concentrate on studies.Worship of Sun God and Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.

6- Virgo
For Virgo,by the evening of 4, the mind will be a little distracted.This is already going on.So take care of your health and have some patience.Becausem after this, the whole time from 5 to 8 will increase your honor and respect.There will be interest in work and friendship with new people will also increase.People associated with politics will get benefit.Luck will support you due to divine grace,so take advantage of the time and complete the pending tasks.Women should take care of their family responsibilities.Students should not waste much time among friends.Offer Durva to Ganesh ji and recitation of Ganapati Atharvashirsha will be beneficial.

7- Libra
For Libra, from the beginning of the week to the 6th,the time will be of many challenges.  Be alert from seasonal diseases,travel safe.You will remain depressed due to lack of good response with people.Be patient,stay in the midst of nature.The time of 7-8 will start giving benefits by removing old problems.Small investments can be profitable.There will be a lot of support from people at the place where you work.The mind will be happy but pay attention to some health, there may be pain in the feet etc.Women's time will be spent in fulfilling family responsibilities.Students will get good news.Worship Mata Lakshmi and offer Kheer Prasad on Friday, it will be beneficial.

8- Scorpio
For scorpio, between the evening of 2 to 4, the necessary work should be completed.There will be full support of family members, there will be strength in business, income will also increase.but take care 5 to 8 Your problems may increase due to some external reasons, keep yourself healthy, otherwise if there is a chronic disease related to knees or feet, then it may increase.Keeping in view the weather, keep your daily routine and diet organized.  If women want to work in any business or partnership, then time is good for them.  Students have to keep their morale up.Worship Hanuman ji or recite Bajrang Baan when needed.

9- Sagittarius
For sagittarius,from the first heart till the 6th, take full advantage of the time.It is a good sum of prestige, your sadhe sati has come to an end.Therefore, whatever you have thought in your mind, the time is starting to fulfill them.You will get full benefit of friends and colleagues in the field.There may be new agreements for outbound travel plans.  Your busyness will increase,so attention will be necessary on yourself and small investments will also benefit.In 7-8, do not complete the important tasks in haste but patiently.Spend money wisely.In the meantime stay away from investing.The family life of women will be happy.If students have to go abroad for studies,then they will also get good opportunities.
 Worship of Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.
10 - Capricorn
For Capricorn, by the evening of 2 to 4, keep the important works a little off, do not be in a hurry, and avoid spending more money.  Even stay away from shares etc.ave some patience because the whole week ahead of 6th is for you to increase business.The employed people will be appreciated at the workplace.The mind will be happy with the increase in wealth.People related to law and politics will get prestige.Women should avoid spending more money in emotions.Students should concentrate on their work.Good news is waiting for them.Worship of Lord Shiva will be beneficial.

11- Aquarius
For Aquarius,the time from the first day of the week to the 6th is bringing some mental problems.Therefore, you should increase your busyness and it will be better to keep the routine balanced.Be patient because the time from 7th onwards will be good for you.The planet Jupiter will be in the second house from your zodiac and the Sun in the third house, so the circumstances will start becoming very favorable for you.If you are already facing some difficulties in work business then it will get rid of it.New avenues are opening for businessmen and the time of profit in investment etc. is coming.If women are in the field of business or job, then they will get benefit from external contacts.Students will get good news.Worship of Lord Shiva will be beneficial.
12- Pisces
For Pisces,by the evening of 2 to 4, the necessary works should be completed,the time is according to your mind.Reputation will increase, definitely fulfill your responsibilities on time.After this, the time from 5 to 8 will be some trouble for you.Eat a balanced diet and try to keep yourself healthy.Give some time between regular exercise and nature.Business or employed people should maintain trust with those who work together.You will also be successful with your hard work.External contacts will be beneficial.Women should work with patience before putting more sentimentality and trust in anyone. The time of student class is coming for profit.Worship of Lord Vishnu will be beneficial for all of you.

And now this week's gala festival.Akshaya Tritiya and Lord Parshuram Jayanti on 3rd May. Adi Shankaracharya, Sri Ramanujacharya and Surdas Jayanti on 6th. Now I will meet you again on 9th May.Till then stay healthy - stay safe.

(Writer is a renouned Astrologer, Vastu consultant & spritual healer. He is based in Pune. His nos are-9425006196,7574885030)

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