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Meet ruthless antagonist Jason Shah in 'Heeramandi'

This year, Indian audiences are buzzing about the upcoming Netflix series, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar. Directed by the renowned Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the trailer promises a visually stunning world filled with suspense, romance, and high drama. OTT giant Netflix recently shared the trailer, sending fans into a frenzy.
One of the most exciting revelations from the trailer was the inclusion of Jason Shah. The actor, who gained a massive fanbase with his versatile performances in various TV shows, and reality shows is all set to make a significant impact with his role in Heeramandi. Jason Shah is all set to play a very facetious character of a Police inspector.

Netflix recently released the trailer of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's most awaited series Heeramandi and the wait was worth it, in the trailer we could see Jason Shah in the very rough character of a Police inspector who troubles everyone in his path. His portrayal promises to be intense and gripping, adding an extra layer of thrill to the series.With his ruthless antagonist character, Jason Shah is all set to captivate the audience once again. His performance is expected to make the audience fall in love with him all over again.
Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar is shaping up to be a groundbreaking series, and with Jason Shah's inclusion, the excitement among fans has reached new heights. The series is set to release soon on Netflix, and fans can't wait to witness to see Jason's stellar performance on screen as it going to be a big move for an outsider like Jason in the industry who made it big on the screen through Sanjay Leela Bhasali's vision of Heeramandi.
Apart from this massive project, Jason Shah has also worked in numerous television shows playing a variety of roles on screen. His television shows include Jhansi Ki Rani and Barrister Babu. Apart from that, Jason has also been part of movies like Partner and August 16, 1947.

Lizaa Malik slams rumours questioning relationship scenario with her husband

Lizaa Malik is one talented artiste in the Indian entertainment industry who's known for being sweet and expressive about the things that matter to her. Be it reciprocating the love of her fans in the most adorable way to sharing sneak-peek of her inspiring real persona on social media, she does everything to good effect. Her Instagram aesthetics game is quite strong and that's why, whenever she shares cute and interesting posts on social media, netizens love it. From sharing mesmerizing snaps and videos of herself to flaunting her love for her adorable 'fur baby', we have seen Liza do it all big time. However, her latest post dedicated exclusively to her husband is the subject of discussion for multiple reasons.
Off-late, there have been fake rumours doing rounds about Lizaa and her husband having a strained relationship. Although Lizaa has maintained complete dignity on the matter and has chosen silence over debate, seems like she answered these rumours in the sweetest yet most savage way possible. Yes, that's right. On the occasion of 'Husband Appreciation Day', Lizaa Malik shared an adorable video of herself featuring her husband. She is seen in her candid 'shayarana' mode as she recorded a sweet and romantic quote for her husband. While the post comes off as a super sweet way of expressing love for her husband, it also slams the ongoing rumours of her strained relationship with her husband with good effect. Given the fact that she's in such good terms with her husband by God's grace, it simultaneously clearly dismisses and slams any form of misguiding fact about their relationship and this is what fans loved the most. On the work front, the talented and stylish singer has many other interesting work updates happening at her end, the official updates of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. 

Sandhya Raman’s ‘To Stitch or Knot’ exhibition at NCPA: Chronicling 3 decades of dance costuming

Sandhya Raman, an award-winning costume designer, curator, and textile activist with an illustrious career spanning over three decades, is all set to enthral Mumbaikars with her exhibition ‘To Stitch or Knot’. The costume showcase will be held at the Dilip Piramal Art Gallery at the prestigious National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Mumbai from April 25th to April 29th, 2024. This exhibit is a celebration of Raman's unparalleled contribution to the world of dance costuming, featuring 10 to 12 stunning costumes from her repertoire, elegantly displayed on mannequins, alongside an array of approximately 50 photographs, and 4 to 5 installations, providing the visitors with an immersive and enriching experience.
Raman's journey as a costume designer has been nothing short of extraordinary, having adorned the performances of iconic dancers such as Mallika Sarabhai, the late Astad Deboo, Aditi Mangaldas, Geeta Chandran, Malvika Sarukkai, Anita Ratnam, among many others. “At To Stitch or Knot, an exhibition that chronicles my three-decade-long odyssey in the realm of dance costume design, visitors will have the opportunity to delve into the intricate relationship between textiles, nature, and the performing arts. From Bharatnatyam to Kathak, Sattriya to Kuchipudi, this exhibition celebrates the diverse tapestry of dance forms that have shaped my work,” says Sandhya Raman.
Inspired by the five elements and senses, the exhibition paints a vivid picture of Raman’s approach to costume design – where Earth meets texture, Fire intertwines with taste, Wind merges with smell through lighter fabrics, Sound resonates with water, and Light harmonises with space. “I emphasise the connection between dance and drape, fabric and form. Through this showcase, I will bring to light the unseen and the complex relationship between textiles and the senses, attempting to draw inspiration from the heritage of weaving,” Raman elaborates.
Costume plays an essential role in enhancing the overall visual appeal of a dance performance. It is one of the most important tools to build a connection between the performer and their audience, by settling the tone for the performance. Today, performers are increasingly focused on conceptual and abstract pieces. The role of the costume designer therefore becomes crucial in realising and translating this thought process. Despite this, design for dance remains a profession that has yet to gain significant recognition in India. In this regard, Raman expresses, “With more than 1500 design schools in India, most students tend to pursue fashion design due to its inherent glamour. However, artists are slowly recognising the importance of dance costuming which involves a great amount of understanding of the dance form, the ethos, the culture, the parameters and the boundaries of the field. I am confident that the younger generation will soon find meaning in it, inspiring a sea of change. My upcoming exhibition is a step in creating awareness in that direction.”
As an alumnus of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, and co-founder of Desmania Design, Sandhya Raman has established herself as a visionary in ‘Socially Responsible Design’. To support fundraising initiatives for children with autism, Raman has innovatively translated paintings by children on the spectrum into wearable art. Photographic glimpses from these productions will be featured as part of her upcoming exhibit. Raman has been conferred with the Stree Shakti Puraskar from the Government of India and the Creative Excellence Award from UNFPA, acknowledging her efforts in empowering women, craftsmen, and artisans.
In addition to the exhibition, Sandhya Raman will also host an interactive workshop on 28th April, providing attendees with a rare glimpse into her creative process. Participants will have the opportunity to engage and interact with Raman as she shares insights, techniques, and anecdotes from her remarkable career, for aspiring designers and performing artists to explore their own artistic potential.*Sandhya Raman’s ‘To Stitch or Knot’ Exhibition at Dilip Piramal Art Gallery, NCPA, Mumbai:**Exhibition Dates:* 25th to 29th April. Free for all.

Soniya Bansal and Shiv Thakare unite for a music video

Soniya Bansal, who was seen in Bigg Boss 17, recently shot a music video in the picturesque location of Nainital," She says. "Raj Bhatt lent his voice for the song titled 'Koi Baat Nahi,' which boasts a romantic backdrop and my co-star is Shiv Thakare.Shiv and Soniya Bansal are shooting in the beautiful locations of Nainital. She says, The pleasant weather in Nainital is providing respite from Mumbai's scorching heat. Shiv is a great co-star. We were part of the same reality show Bigg Boss definitely we were in different seasons but still we really bonded well."
Highlighting her extensive experience in the music video realm, Soniya revealed, "I've been a part of over 10 music videos, and many more in the pipeline." She also described her look for the latest project as a blend of formals and glamour.Discussing the rising trend of music videos, Soniya expressed her appreciation, noting the medium's ability to captivate audiences effectively within a shorter timeframe compared to full-length films. "Music videos offer a unique opportunity to engage viewers with both visuals and music," she emphasized.
On being asked about Music videos contributing to youth branding, Soniya enthusiastically agreed, acknowledging their significant influence on shaping perceptions and preferences among younger audiences. She says, "Youth connects with music videos as it is quick entertainment in the age of instant entertainment. One gets to explore new locations and look as an artist in every music video. Music Videos era is here to stay" On being asked about her future projects she says, "I am working on a project which I will announce soon"

Uff Haye Garmi: Nikita Rawal takes the oomph quotient high like never before

Nikita Rawal is one of the hottest and most sensational names in the Indian entertainment industry. As a performing artiste, she has always relied on quality ahead of quantity and that's why, she has always managed to operate successfully by creating her own unique niche. Time and again, Nikita continues to mesmerize everyone with her irresistible sensuality and angel-like charm and no wonder, we are always in for a visual treat whenever that happens. Well, talking about charm, one of her latest snaps on the internet is going viral for all the right reasons. Yes, that's right.
Nikita, who's quite literally the most perfect example of a diva ageing backwards dropped some dazzling and effervescent snaps in a sexy and sensuous blue outfit. We see her pulling it off with complete confidence and no wonder, we are in awe of her look. Given the fact that she sweats it out in the gym and follows a healthy diet, her curves certainly validate that fact. Her gorgeous fit midriff and beautiful aesthetic navel often attracts a lot of compliments from people and this time too, it was no different. Given the fact that she's a natural beauty, her minimalistic makeup and accessories were more than enough to make her slay. The photos were taken in an exotic location where Nikita is shooting for her next and it has made everyone excited about what's in store from her end next for us. 
On the work front, Nikita Rawal recently earned a lot of love for her song 'Kamariya' and no wonder, the internet also believes that she has the most beautiful and elegant kamariya and navel. There are many other interesting work projects that are set to happen at her end and we truly can't wait. Stay tuned for more updates.











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