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Weekly Horoscope: March 27 to April,2, 2023

What do your planets say.27 March to 2 April 2023.First of all,know the transit of planets this week.Sun in Pisces.Moon in Taurus.On 28th from 4.25 in the morning in Gemini.In Cancer on March 30 from 4.15 pm.From 4.48 am on 2nd April in Leo.Mars in Gemini.Mercury in Pisces, and on 31st in Aries from 3.01 pm.Jupiter in Pisces and Venus in Aries.Shani in Kumbh.Rahu in Aries,Ketu in Libra.So let's see, the condition of your zodiac due to the movement of these planets.
1- Aries
Aries people should maintain good relations with people during the first day. Eat nutritious food according to season and health.The time from 28 to 30 evening will be very good for you.Completion of desired work will increase your happiness.Most of the time will be spent with family members and friends.New plans will be made.After this i.e. after the evening of 30th,it will be necessary to pay attention to health till Sunday.Sometimes the unknown fear will remain in the mind.It will be necessary to pay attention to the health of senior people in the family.Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmi Narayanay Namah.Chant the mantra.would benefit.
2- Taurus
The week will be mixed for Taurus people.Time till the first day will be very good.Doing the work you want will increase your happiness and joy.Most of the time will be spent with friends and family members.You will get the support of people and you will be praised in the field as well, you will get good news from far away.New friends will be made.After this,between 28 to 30 evening, maintain good relations with people. It will be fine to take digestible food.Spend money wisely.There will be an increase in reputation between 30th evening to 1st April.Stopped work will be completed fast.That's why make full use of the time.Because the time is going to start slightly unfavorable from Sunday be in good shape.The mantra of maximum benefit is - Om Gopalaya Uttaradhwajaya Namah.
3- Gemini
It will be almost a mixed week for the people of Gemini.On the first day you have to be careful while traveling.Spend money wisely. There will be more labor but less success.After this,the time between 28 to 30 in the evening will be beneficial for you.Make good use of it. Businessmen and employed people will get new news,the mind will be happy with the increase in work.Investment will also benefit.It will be necessary to avoid excessive expenditure between the evening of 30th to 1st April,stay away from anger and sentimentality.The mind will remain a little restless.Suddenly money expenditure can increase. There will be no special benefit in travel.Keep food pure.Sunday will be especially better for you.Happiness will increase if work is done according to the mind.Om Cleam Krishnay Namah.Chant the mantra.
4- Cancer
For Cancerians, the time of the first day is going to be favorable for the mind. Stopped work will be completed.So there will be happiness.Interaction with people will also increase.There will be profit in investment.Foreign travel will be planned.You can also work in partner ship.During this,complete the necessary work.But after this i.e. between 28th to 30th evening avoid unnecessary travel,stress and high expenditure.From the evening of the 30th onwards till the 1st of April,the time is starting very well.Happiness will increase if the work is done according to the mind.Family responsibilities will be fulfilled.Maximum time will be spent among family members and friends.But eat food on Sunday according to your health and maintain harmony with people.The chanting mantra is- Om Hiranyagarbhaya Avyakt Rupinyai Namah.
5- Leo
The time from the first day to the evening of the 30th will be auspicious for Leo people.New work can be started.The losses incurred in the past can also be compensated. Good relations will be formed between people at the work place and there will be praise.Opportunities will come for monetary gain.Be careful in traveling long distances and spending large amounts of money between the evening of the 30th to the 1st of April.Even after working hard, you will get less success.Be patience.Weather related diseases can increase.Sunday is going to be a great start for you.Time will be spent in hobbies among family and friends.Recite Aditya Hriday Stotra.  
6- Virgo
The first day of the people of Virgo will not be according to their mind.You need to maintain a balanced behavior with people.Don't let bad thoughts towards anyone come in your mind.Stay away from the state of anger.Circumstances are going to be a bit unfavorable for you. Some patience will be necessary, because, after this i.e. from 28 onwards till 1st April time will be in your favor.Stopped work will be completed.Interaction with people will also increase and investment will also be profitable.There will be profit in work business. Reputation will increase.Make good use of the time.Because from Sunday the time will show a slightly opposite effect. Take care of the health of family members.Worship Goddess Bhagwati.
7- Libra 
For Libra people, from the first day to the evening of the 30th, the mind will be a bit restless.Be careful while traveling.Regular yoga will be necessary.Anxiety levels may increase.According to the mind,there will be obstruction in the work.Have some patience because from the evening of 30th till Sunday, the problems that were already going on will be removed,you will feel better.There will be an atmosphere of enthusiasm due to the completion of the desired work.Offer Kheer to the Goddess on Friday and recite Shri Sukta.
8- Scorpio
For Scorpio people,the time of the first day will be according to the mind.The dispute that has been going on for a long time will end. Due to the increase in the business of the spouse,the mind will be happy and the journey will be pleasant.Make full use of this period and complete the tasks quickly.Because,after this i.e. from 28 onwards till 1st April, be careful while traveling and spend your money wisely. Worry about work will remain in the mind.Negligence towards health will not be right.Conditions will start getting favorable from Sunday. The mind will be happy if there is good profit in work business.Worship Kaal Bhairav ​​and Lord Shiva.
9- Sagittarius
The people of Sagittarius will have to keep doing their necessary work from the very first day itself.Because your time will be good till the evening of 30th.There will be an increase in wealth and prestige.The mind will be happy after the completion of important work.Avoid overspending after 30 pm till Sunday onwards.There will be some apprehension about the desired tasks in the mind Be careful while traveling long distances and take care of your health. Worship Lord Vishnu and fast on Thursday.
10- Capricorn
For Capricorn people, the time will not go well till the first day of the week.There will be restlessness in the mind. Be cautious about your healt.Be careful while traveling long distances.Regular yoga will be necessary.Abdominal pain may increase. With patience and spirituality,distance can be found from mental troubles. But the time from 28th to 1st April will be spent in splendour.The mind will be happy due to the increase in work business.New contacts will be made.Reputation will increase.Make good use of the time and leave laziness and complete the necessary tasks.It will take more time and money both to complete the necessary work on Sunday.Om Shree Vatsalaya Namah. Chant the mantra regularly.
11- Aquarius
People of this zodiac will have to do the necessary work carefully from the first day till the evening of the 30th.Take care of your health and eat pure food. Be under the guidance of elders,if needed.. Pay attention to your health. Sometimes confusion and anger will arise.With patience and spirituality,you can solve mental problems.After this i.e. from 30 pm onwards till Sunday,the time will start favorable for you again.Previous troubles will go away and business will increase.The mind will be happy after getting success.There is a mantra for you -Om Shri Upendraya Achyutaya Namah.
12- Pisces
The week will be mixed for you.The initial day i.e. Monday will be good for family reputation.The work that has been stopped for many days will be completed.This time will go much better than before. Will be interested in homework.Mostly you will rest Will also get the support of life partner and friends. But you should make full use of the time.Complete the necessary tasks.There will be profit in investment.But after this, from 28th to 1st April, worries will increase due to not getting work as per your wish. In such a situation, keep patience. Pay attention to health, especially there is a need to be careful about seasonal diseases. Keep the family atmosphere good.Take help of spirituality.Your time of achievements will start from Sunday.New friends will be made which will be useful in future.Worship Lord Vishnu and donate bananas.

So this was the weekly horoscope.Now see you again on 3rd April.

(Writer is a renouned Astrologer, Vastu consultant & spritual healer. He is based in Pune. His nos are-9425006196,7574885030)



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