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Rahul Gandhi is habitual offender, BJP

Senior Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi said, “The Congress is fighting to regain India. It’s an ideological battle now - a national ideological battle. A soul without a voice means nothing. India's voice has been crushed. The deep state is chewing the Indian state, much like what happened in Pakistan,” he said. Speaking at the ideas for India conference at Cambridge University in London where Rahul Gandhi launched a blistering attack on the NDA government. He added, "We are not just fighting the BJP. We are now fighting the institutional structure of the Indian state, which has been captured by an organisation." I don't view Congress as a big daddy. Congress, in no way, is superior to other opposition parties, said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

The BJP Lambasting the parallel, the BJP spokesperson said, "Rahul Gandhi's situation in politics is like someone who wants to appear in the PhD exam but does not like books and has not even passed nursery." slammed Congress leadee Rahul Gandhi's comments. In a press meet on Saturday, BJP national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said Rahul Gandhi is a habitual offender who only goes on to make a graver mistake than the previous one. "Whenever Rahul Gandhi goes abroad, he portrays a negative picture of India," the spokesperson said. Rahul Gandhi does not even know the A, B, C, D of foreign affairs. But he comments non-stop. His comment comparing Ukraine's situation with Ladakh's proves that Rahul Gandhi is not aware of either India's strength or foreign affairs,” the spokesperson said remembering the sacrifice of Galwan hero Colonel Santosh Babu.

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