Barbados to become Republic after over 300 years under British monarchy, UK Government says No decision on diplomatics to attend Beijing Olympics, UN agency, Britain: Atom Bank introduces four-day work week without cutting in pay, Indian Railways rolls back prices of platform tickets Rs 10/ to pre-Covid era rates, Several areas in Chennai flooded after record rain,

ITBP awards medals to best K9

Sanjay Arora, DG ITBP awarded special medals to ITBP service K9 (ISK) 'Snowy'- Malinois and 'Champion'- the Horse at the annual DG’s parade held at 39th Battalion ITBP in Greater Noidaon Friday, October 22, 2021. Snowy- an 8 years old K9, was awarded a special K9 medal for detecting IEDs well in time to save precious lives in different explosives detection duties including one IED in Bakarkatta with the troops of 40th Battalion ITBP in Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh September, 2021.ITBP started awarding its best dog and best horse medals from 2016.

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Food & Lifestyle

I have reasons to believe that the traditional food-court model began its decline long before the pandemic.

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In US, the FBI has ordered an investigation after thousands of fake email messages were sent from one of its servers.

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The only problem is that with the emaciated state of the Indian media, clear cut analysis of the results of the by-elections is not forthcoming.

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