U.S. President Joe Biden will not attend the U.N. climate summit in Dubai, UK detects first human case of flu strain similar to pig virus, Malaysia will grant visa-free entry to citizens of China and India for stays of up to 30 days starting on Dec1, India resumes e-visa services for Canadians after 2 months, IIT Bombay issues new guidelines for hosting events on campus,

Signature Recipe:Ginger Honey Dressed Mascarpone Stuffed Squash Blossom

Squash Flower Fresh: 8 No
Mascarpone Cheese Fresh: 160 Gm
Olive Oil: 100 Ml
Honey: 20 Ml
Ginger Fine Chopped: 10 Gm
Fennel: 8 Gm
Lemon Juice: 20 Ml
Celery: 10 Gm
Salt: To Taste
Pepper: To Taste
• Wash the pumpkin flower in cold running water
• Make honey ginger, fennel, lemon and olive oil emulsion. Season it with salt and pepper
• Neatly pipe the mascarpone cheese in center of the flower and fold its petal. Cut the fine juliennes of celery and put it in ice so it's crisp
• Arrange the stuffed flower on the serving plate; pour the dressing on the top
• Serve chilled garnishing with celery.
Nimish Bhatia
One of 25 of India's Biggest Chefs in 2015, Nimish's culinary life revolves around creating culinary concepts and dining concepts. After his last assignment as Corporate Executive chef with The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group and gaining the experience of over three decades he is now working as a consultant, hand holding F & B ventures, restaurants and eateries. He is well connected with people and received a lot of recognition from media and influential people.
(This story has been published under arrangement from Better Kitchen magazine)

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