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Shiv Thakare left everyone spellbound with his double dhamaka this weekend

Shiv Thakare not just hugged his father for the first time this year, but he also gave a mesmerising performance at par with his opponents and challenger Adrija Sinha.This weekend was very special for Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa season 11 contestants as they got the chance to share a very crucial and important part of their life with their family members courtesy of their performances.Shiv performed with his father and shared how his family faced difficult times when his father was going through open heart surgery. His act with his father not only made him cry but also made one of the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa judges Arshad Warsi shed tears as he could relate to the feeling. "Coming from a traditional Maharashtrian family I have never hugged my father as I used to take blessings by touching his feet, but when Jhalak judges and anchor got to know this they made me share a warm embrace with my father and I am never going to forget it. I saw my father crying for the first time that day, " Shiv shared while talking about the best thing that happened on the Saturday episode.
On sunday's episode judges gave each contestant a partner in which they had to go against each other. For the ultimate battle, Shiv had to face off against Adrija and he performed so well that he left everyone so stunned. Talking about his feelings of giving challenge to Adrija Shiv said, "When I got to know that I have to perform opposite Adrija, I was like arre deva yeah ladki to hamesha 10 mainse 10 lati hai to mera kya hoga? (God this girl always gets 10 on 10, how would I pull off). But when Jhalak judge Farah Khan complimented me saying if anyone was capable of standing against Adrija today, it was only you. That was a big blessing for me."
Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa season 11 finale is here and Shiv has achieved a lot in his journey from non-dancer to dancer and now one of the top finalists. Both his fans and family are praying for his big win.

Ivanka Das: The world of reels is transient, it won’t last a lifetime

Actress Ivanka Das says that while reels and YouTube short videos are the current trend, this is not going to go on for long. She adds that there needs to be a difference between actors and influencers and people will recognise this sooner or later."I sometimes feel that the current trend, especially on platforms like YouTube and reels, emphasises on influencers who earn well. I support them, but I also sense that these platforms might not provide the same opportunity for someone to establish themselves as a proper actor or gain recognition compared to traditional television. While some influencers transition into excellent actors, I believe there's a difference between acting and being an influencer. Influencers sell their personalities in an organic and raw way, but true art and creativity involve a different depth. Although exceptions exist, becoming an actor from an influencer background might be challenging due to the unique skills and logic involved. While influencers can try, not everyone possesses the acting potential,” she says.
However, she agrees that in today’s world, social media presence matters a lot. “It's true that visibility matters now, especially with the emphasis on having a substantial follower count, driven largely by platforms like Instagram. The demand for Instagram has skyrocketed, and many actors now acknowledge that having a good number of followers adds market value. People can easily calculate and measure an artist's market value based on their follower count. However, it's also observed that having a large following doesn't necessarily make someone a good actor. Each person has their own perspective and unique ways of marketing themselves.
Personally, I never pursued acting seriously before because my life involved a lot of struggle, focusing more on earning a livelihood. While I could spare 5 or 10 minutes a day for quick posts, I couldn't dedicate the necessary two hours for technical shots and hard work. I didn't have a team; I did everything on my own. In today's generation, many actors concentrate solely on social media, supported by teams. However, it's reassuring to know that some directors and companies still prioritise talent over social media metrics.”
Talking about the future, she says, “I don't think YouTube and reels will remain as prominent platforms in the long run. The exposure from these platforms is excellent for self-promotion, but I feel that the hype around reels and YouTube might diminish over time. People seem to be getting frustrated with the abundance of content on these platforms, especially when trends lead to thousands of similar reels being created. Many individuals are becoming disinterested. I believe there will be a shift, and new platforms or trends will emerge, providing even more visibility. Sometimes, I sense that people are getting tired of reels. When a song becomes a trend, thousands of people create reels with it, leading to viewer fatigue. The watching time and subscribers on reels and YouTube primarily consist of youth, around 60-70%.”
However, be careful of what you post, she says, adding, “There are many influencers who create meaningful content on Reels, discussing spiritual or historical topics. They, especially the speakers and entrepreneurs, seem to have a substantial reach and followers. I believe such individuals should continue to grow. On the other hand, there are those who create unnecessary Reels, thinking standing on the road and creating something random will make their content go viral and bring in money. It might work for a short period, but I don't find it worth the effort in the long run. The world of reels is transient, it won’t last a lifetime,” she says.
However, she adds that becoming an influencer is also not easy. “It's not as easy as today's youngsters might think that it is easy to earn money or become YouTubers or influencers. While it's their democratic right to choose their career or profession, they should understand the limitations of what they can achieve. Personally, I started as a dancer, then wanted to become a fashion director, and eventually became an actor because I didn't have a solid backup plan. Today's generation seems driven by a hunger for quick money, and while the income is significant, relying solely on that without creativity can be risky,” she says.

Rohitashv Gour opens up on Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai taking a horror twist

From a cult comedy show, Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain has taken a rather horror twist. Actor Rohitashv Gour, who plays the role of Tiwariji in the show, says that the storyline has become rather unique.“In this episode, it's a horror-comedy where my character is a girl named Bholi. Vibhuti and Tiwari receive a challenge to stop being each other's enemies and settle their disputes by fighting just once. They end up in a jungle between two trees to have a fair duel. However, both urgently need to pee, and they end up relieving themselves under the trees, not knowing that the spirits of Bhola and Bholi reside in those trees. Suddenly, Bhola's spirit enters me, and Bholi's spirit enters Vibhuti. Surprisingly, they share a deep bond of love, and the fight turns into a romantic scenario, shocking the entire modern colony. In a twist, Tiwari transforms into the avatar of Bholi, and they start singing and acting like Laila and Majnu. This unique twist has gained popularity because it shifts from the typical Tom and Jerry dynamic to a Laila-Majnu style storyline,” he says.
Ask him how the transition from horror to comedy is, and he says, “I have been trying my best, and it seems to be working. I'm receiving a great response for this look, and people are really liking these episodes. The combination of horror and comedy is generally well-received, especially given the popularity of ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain’. Bholi's ghostly appearance and the concept of her spirit entering Tiwari have added an interesting twist that viewers appreciate.”

Kiran Khoje: It is not easy to gain popularity in the industry

Actress Kiran Khoje who is known for her work in movies like Talvar, Hindi Medium and Super 30 has now made her OTT debut with Dry Day. She says that an actor has to go through a lot of struggle and that it’s not easy to audition for multiple roles and try to get good work.
“I think it is not correct to assume that an actor has not worked enough or it is easy to gain popularity in the industry. When you see an actor succeeding in their field, then you think of becoming just like them. You start doing hard work and you think that there is too much struggle and then you start getting irritated about why you have to struggle this much to become someone like them. You get fed up with standing in a queue for your auditions and then you even think of receiving a call for your audition. You get frustrated and irritated. Why do you have to talk to so many people around you? Why can't someone just call you and tell you that they require you for a role or something? I want to clarify that all of these things do not happen. You have to work hard to reach people around you and once you start getting any work you get successful then you have to start maintaining your success. To sustain and maintain your success, first of all you need to be a good human being because people often say that you became arrogant or you became egoistic after achieving a small success in your life. Trust yourself and be humble, be kind to everyone around you, have gratitude towards all the people around you and work on your craft,” she says.
Ask her what success means to her, and she says, “Success is to feel good after playing a good character, doing a good role or having a good work day. I don't believe that success is permanent because nothing is permanent in this world." Talking about being part of the industry, she says, “I have completed almost 12 years in the industry. Two cons about this industry are that there's a lot of waiting period and money does not come so easily. You'll have to wait for work very patiently. But it is a fact and you cannot get frustrated because of it. You'll need to accept it and I believe you should talk about how you feel and don't keep the frustration inside you.”
She adds, “There are many pros - you get to do a variety of roles and it gives you a chance to meet a lot of new people. The biggest source of learning for an actor is observing others, so you can observe so many characters. You'll have to observe everything and everyone with interest. You'll get a chance to meet such amazing people who will change you for your own good and bring a lot of happiness to your life. You'll also find some people who are really in pain, so you'll have to help them and make them feel better as it will give you peace. So, there's nothing like advantages and disadvantages in the industry as not everything is planned.”

I would love to direct Kartik Aaryan: Fashion director Mohit Kapoor

Fashion director Mohit Kapoor recently released his music video “Mohabbat Hai”. He said that it was a lifetime experience to make his directorial debut with the video, where he also donned the producer’s hat too. While he has a list of goals he wants to achieve, one of them is to direct Kartik Aaryan.“It was an amazing experience directing the music video. I've styled many songs as a fashion director, but taking on the roles of director and producer for this song has been truly fulfilling. I'm thrilled with how well it's going, and we're planning to release more songs soon,” he said.
He stressed that though directing newcomers is not easy, the cast - Manish Rana, Preet Dutta and Hiba Trabelssi. He added, “I just focused on guiding them and ensuring a collaborative effort to bring out the best in their performances.” Mohit also shared that the response to the music video has been fantastic. He said, “We're getting a lot of love from people, and the song is slowly gaining popularity. It seems like the perfect Valentine's Day gift for all the lovers out there.” Who is next on your wishlist as a director? “I would love to direct Kartik Aaryan. I'm optimistic that with continued hard work, we'll keep creating content that resonates with people and attracts more opportunities,” Mohit ended.

Sachin Parikh: Revealing details on social media might give you instant fame, but so would your talent

While social media seems to have become an ideal place for celebrities to reveal spicy details about their personal lives, potential controversies, and steamy anecdotes, actor Sachin Parikh says that the audience’s focus should be also on your talent and not only on your personal life. He adds that it is important to balance what you reveal, and what you hide.“Shielding your personal life from the public eye can be quite tricky. I would say it's an occupational hazard at times. Once you are a public figure, you need to know what to protect and what to reveal about yourself. In fact, it all boils down to how you deal with the media, your fans and paparazzi wherever you go. The true test comes when you need to balance what to reveal and when to protect your personal time. You can't disappoint your fans and audience and at the same time can't mess up spending personal time with your loved ones and your family, away from the public glare,” says Sachin, who was recently seen in Ravi Yadav’s Main Atal Hoon. Sachin has been part of PK, Aligarh, Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji and Jack & Dil and OTT series like Crackdown 2 and Avroadh2.
Ask him how he decides what to reveal and what to not, he says, “I am a private person by nature and I restrain myself while revealing details about my personal life. But I also make sure to give my fans everything that they want to know about me. As an actor, my daily routines, my diet, my time management, my travel and holidays with family are out on social media. I feel it motivates and inspires people to live life with zest and enthusiasm. But when it comes to my personal struggles, difficult situations, personal disputes with friends and family, I make sure to not bring it out in the open.” If at all my family and friends do not want them to reveal, their discreteness is of utmost importance.
He adds, “Social media has changed the scenario completely. Tweets to emojis, everything is on your finger tips. Smartphones are handy and so are our personal lives. Recently, we saw Alia and Ranbir bringing their cute little angel, Raha, in front of the paparazzi. Such couples set benchmarks at times to others how they deal with the media.” He says that social media can change the game for you, but it is for you to decide what to post about. “I feel revealing too much on social media may give you that instant fame or publicity, and definitely add to your popularity; but nothing bigger than your work, and that can help you become much more popular. That's organic and is also long term. The process may be slow and take years to build, but that's the only way out. Irfaan khan, Pankaj Tripathi, Nawazuddin and so many such actors are examples of those who are popular and how but their struggles and body of work is a process which has made them popular today. Every good thing takes time,” he adds.
Talking about who he looks up to in this field, he says, “Paresh Rawal is one actor I am acquainted with and have known since my childhood, we all have seen his journey as an actor. I have seen his both personal and professional life, and he really inspires me to handle such things with ease.”

I follow in the footsteps of Shah Rukh Khan: Aadesh Chaudhary on social media

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has a huge fan following. People admire him for the magic he creates on-screen, and when not on the big screen, he keeps his fans entertained with his witty replies on social media. But he is not one to talk about his personal life on social media, and “Sasural Simar Ka” actor Aadesh Chaudhary loves this about him.
Talking about whether he has an idol when it comes to social media, Aadesh said, “I never follow such things and I never follow people who are revealing about their personal lives or who want their personal lives to be the talking point. I follow in the footsteps of Shah Rukh Khan that way. I like how he keeps it all professional, even when he is talking about his kids, it’s all their professional endeavours that he talks about.”
He believes personal life should not be displayed for public glaring. However, he agrees that it’s very subjective, and individual in nature. “For me, I think personal life needs to be personal, else you will have a lot of people involved in your matter, sharing their opinion, giving you advices, etc. I generally don't discuss my personal life on social media, but I don’t have a problem with others who do so. It’s a personal choice and if someone wants to do it, and are open to observations and judgements then it’s ok,” Aadesh said.
“I feel if someone is putting their life out there, and then have a problem with the kind of reaction they get, that’s not fair. That’s why I say a lot of people use it as a publicity stunt because they want it. It also helps you get endorsements etc. A lot of actors have also started vlogging and as long as they are ok with it, what’s the harm,” he added. Though he agrees that with the paparazzi culture it’s difficult for a public figure to shield their personal life, he adds, “I go with the flow, but I'm not a person who will reveal their personal life.”
Currently, there is a trend that most new parents are following where they hide their baby’s face from the media, or request them not to click their pictures. Aadesh feels that this is again a personal choice.“Everybody has different perceptions. Few use it for their PR, few use it generally to show their life, few don't like it. So it's a very personal choice,” he ended.

Deepika Motwani: My comfort clothes are actually glamorous and diva-ish

Who says you cannot rest in style? Not actress Deepika Motwani for sure! Known for her music video Dil Le Gayi Kudi Gujarat Di, says that fashion comes naturally to her.“I love fashion so I am updated with fashion trends but I like to try things that go with my personality. Most of my clothes are custom-tailored, as I feel they fit like a glove, and look perfect,” she says.She adds, “My comfort clothes are actually glamorous and diva-ish! I want to be in front of the camera all the time. But if you ask me what my go-to lounge wear at home is, it's satin velvet overcoats. I love both brights and pastel colours. I personally don't like earthy tones. My favourite is the English fuschia pink and the French whites and blues.”
Ask her if it’s a pressure to always look good, and she says, “Not for me! I love fashion; it's in my blood and my veins. I never felt any pressure. Looking good is effortless. I am innately elegant even if I wear lounge clothes. People like you when you look great, so why not be stylish?” Talking about upcoming trends in fashion, she says, “Coord sets are here to stay for a while. As for summer trends, I think, we have many more coord sets in flowy fabrics and long and short boho cotton mul brunch dresses in pastels.”
And as for fashion icons in her life, she says she has a few! “I have always looked up to two people in fashion:Sir John Galliano and the late Alexander Mcqueen. My parents have been my biggest style inspiration as well. They have an impeccable sense of colour, design and very high aesthetics.”

PRODUCERS GUILD OF INDIA signs MoU to support Indian film production in New Jersey, US 

Choose New Jersey, New Jersey Economic Development Authority, and the Producers Guild of India will work together to advance the film industry. Mumbai, India -- New Jersey’s film-friendly environment is making waves on the world stage. The Producers Guild of India (PGI) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the state of New Jersey in an effort to facilitate the shooting of Indian films in New Jersey. The MOU was signed between PGI, Choose New Jersey, and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority during Choose New Jersey’s economic mission to India in December. The MOU opens communication channels for idea sharing and information on best practices for film production and promotion. It will also assist PGI with location scouting in New Jersey.
The Indian film industry’s boom coincides with New Jersey’s rise as a premier destination to shoot and produce film and television in the United States. As Indian filmmakers have increasingly considered New Jersey as a shooting location for projects, this MOU strengthens the relationship between the Indian film industry and New Jersey. “There has been a quantum increase in the number of Indian productions filming internationally,” said Shibasish Sarkar, President of the Producers Guild of India. “Traditionally, international shoots were restricted to a handful of destinations and were almost exclusively the domain of a very few mega-budget productions. However, today’s Indian filmmaker is not averse to shooting pretty much anywhere in the world, irrespective of the scale of their productions. New Jersey is an attractive destination for Indian films for a host of reasons, and we look forward to working closely with our counterparts in New Jersey to realize the immense potential for collaboration.”
New Jersey offers one of the nation’s most attractive incentive programs for filmmakers, featuring a 30% or 35% tax credit and a 2% or 4% diversity bonus. The state also offers a pro-film environment with cooperative counties and municipalities, an extensive transportation system, and a breathtaking variety of locations and landscapes. The New York-New Jersey metro area has the highest concentration of creative and technical professionals outside of California, including a strong network of support services and vendors.












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