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Modular Kitchens: Optimum space utilization and ease of work flow

The kitchen is always throbbing and hence referred to as the heart of a home. The place where memories are homemade and love is the seasoning. When a man or woman is salubrious inside their kitchen they can be innovative while cooking with love and passion for the family or guests. Small or large, the kitchen is the hub where the hob reigns. Kitchens are where you find food, love and quintessentially, your mom. Modular kitchens are fashioned to customize the cabinets, cupboards, and drawers, that can be combined and put together to make a holistic and cohesive unit. Conforming to the customer's requirements, they introduce the fragmenting of intricate structures into clear-cut units, regulating the performance and adaptability.

The Modular Kitchen Blitzkrieg

Urban Indian homes are opting for the modern modular kitchen that is trending at present. It is personalised according to the desires of the homeowner. Modular kitchens are eye-catching and vibrant, a sharp contrast to the sedate carpenter-made ones as they beef up storage space is ergonomic, and are user-friendly.

Style and Functionality

Modular kitchens are stylish, have sleek lines, adaptable and value for money. This kitchen is vogueish as well as makes cooking easy. The kitchen adds a creative look to the design of your home. Modular kitchens are designed in a mosaic of colours ranging from fiery red, orange or gold to aesthetic shades like reddish-brown or earth red. The cabinets are fabricated in a way to make optimum use of storage space. They are robust and endurable. The kitchen comprises of hob, chimney, cabinets, appliances, sink, countertops and more. The layout of the Modular kitchen adds to the utility and splendour of your home.

Kitchen is the New Living Room

Kitchens were planned only for cooking. It was only the mother's domain and only she would cook scrumptious meals for her family. Everyone else was shooed out. Now the whole family pitches in to learn and cook and create memories that last a lifetime. Kitchens are not staid and sober rooms any longer but are bursting with laughter, bonhomie, aromas and tastes. This is where Modular kitchens provide timeless, efficient and cosy options.During the past 2-3 decades, kitchens began to be living spaces where the family spent more time not just cooking but bonding as well. The open kitchen with islands was becoming the trend. Now, the kitchen is where the family congregates; sharing the day or kids doing their homework under parents' supervision.

Seven Golden Rules for a Modular Kitchens; Optimum Space Utilization and Ease of Work Flow

1. Planning a Kitchen

Modular Kitchen concepts give the free-spirited designer to break the norm and plan a revolutionary and remarkable kitchen. While planning the kitchen the budget should be taken into account as well as the precise requirement of the customer. The number of people in the house has to be noted while space planning for kitchens. Space planning in a kitchen should consider the flexibility of the spaces. There should be a brilliant utility of space to incorporate a telephone, dishwasher or any other contemporary gadgets that can be integrated when needed.The height of cabinets or counters should have an ease of access according to the height of the user.The kitchen is bustling most of the time and is the nerve centre of the house. It deserves meticulous planning and design to have a highly utilitarian and surprisingly elegant at the same time.The three crucial activities should be kept in mind while planning the layout:

a. storage

b. preparation and cleaning

c. cooking and serving

2. The Golden Triangle

Regarding the size of the kitchen opt for a U-shaped, L-shaped or straight which assures structural functionality. In a smart kitchen, it is imperative to adhere to the golden triangle rule: the hob, the refrigerator and the sink are at the apex points of a triangle. The flow of spaces makes cooking easier as the veggies or meat are stored in the refrigerator, cleaning and chopping are near the sink, and food is cooked on the hob. This is your ideal triangle or workspace.

3. Space Management

There should be a smart and sensible place utilization to make the kitchen a suitable, cosy, orderly and chic space to work in.

Hanging rods with bars and hooks is in vogue to make optimum use of space. They can be used to hang utensils, cutlery, dusting cloths, small gadgets kitchen towels, etc.

A fixed rack for knives and cutters is an excellent space saver. Have it well-organised on the wall of your workstation.

In the sink area, install wall-mounted, connected faucets to get workable space. Adjustable and rotatable faucets make added room for big pots and pans.

Make your kitchen special by ingenuity and use of the wall, ceiling and counter space. In short, make optimum use of every nook and cranny.

If your kitchen is small convert it into a sizeable one with maximum utilization of space. Modular units offer an array of structural solutions. They come with a slew of accessories to give you a clutter-free kitchen. Modular kitchens exude well-designed and compact layouts.

4. Economical Assembly

Modular kitchen products are not exclusive but are produced in bulk. Yet innovative design gives it a customized look. They are relatively economical to assemble. The readymade systems of modular kitchens make it an easy-going and speedy assembly. The hassle of labour is less as it needs just a couple of servicemen to install compared to a team of carpenters who take forever.

5. Effortless Maintenance

Modular kitchens are easy to clean and maintain even though they are constructed in a way that every inch of the space is used. If you have to clean or move to another home, the accessories can be dismantled and assembled again.

6. Upgrade and Refurbish

Due to the fast-changing trends, customers want the flexibility of upgrading and refurbishing. This can give a new and innovative look Due to the fast-changing trends, customers like to bring changes every few years. Modular kitchen designs can be given a new look and modernized by just changing a few parts.

7. Environment Friendly

The Kitchens of the future are also becoming environmentally friendly, using recycled materials. A compost bin in the kitchen will do away with organic garbage disposal and create biodegradable waste that does not harm the earth. There is no denying that a modular kitchen is a prerequisite while constructing a home. Although the cost is on the higher side you will have a classy, chic kitchen that is functional and durable.

* Photo Courtsey : Grass GmbH

(This story has been published under arrangement from Better Kitchen magazine)

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