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Toxic Bollywood lacks empathy, says Kangana Ranaut

The Hindi film industry is ‘toxic’ and lacks ‘empathy’ as compared to the Tamil film industry. Actor Kangana Ranaut said this in  an interview to a youtube channel. She said that breaking into Bollywood is like breaking through the Great Wall of China, and admitted that since she is still new to South India, she has a “very superficial” view of the regional film industries. “What’s remarkable about regional cinema is that it at least finds common ground. It’s a chameleon, and that’s something that resonates with it…whereas in Hindi films, because we’ve all migrated to Mumbai, There is a lot of variety out there, and yet there is always a little tension… Everyone wants everyone to pull, that doesn’t help at all. It has become such a toxic place that somehow, no one is happy for another person, and we are unable to find a floor common that we can identify with.” she said. 

Kangana said that finding common ground is crucial to avoid ‘getting carried away with petty human emotions’. Kangana said that when she entered Bollywood, there was no proper process in place. “There were no casting agents, there were no OTTs to launch actors, it was a very difficult time,” she had no choice but to fight her way into ‘the Wall of China of the film industry. Kangana will soon be making her South Indian debut, Jayalalithaa biopic Thalaivii, scheduled for release in theaters on Friday. She called it as one of the ‘best films of her career’, so far. In her Instagram poat she mentioned, “Thalaivii is a theatrical experience, hopefully Hindi multiplexes will also play it. I am confident that it will bring audiences back to theatres.”

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