Pakistan’s Punjab govt imposes 7-day prohibitory order, Canada declares Iran’s IRGC a terrorist entity, Bihar: Metro Rail Services to be rolled out in Muzaffarpur, Gaya, Darbhanga, Bhagalpur, Bus overturns in Himachal, four killed, 98 Indians died during Haj pilgrimage this year, says MEA,

Shreya kulkarni signs a new Hindi project ALBELA AALAM

Shreya Kulkarni, a versatile and dynamic actress, continues to make waves in the Indian film industry with her upcoming project "Albela Aalam," produced by Dream Kraft Productions. Known for her multifaceted talent and compelling performances across various media, Shreya's journey from her early days in Marathi cinema to becoming a household name in Indian entertainment is a testament to her dedication and artistic prowess.
Shreya's career began with a notable performance in the movie "Boys 2," which showcased her raw talent and potential. However, it was her role in "Shivaji Park," directed by acclaimed filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar, that catapulted her into the spotlight. This breakthrough role established her as a versatile actress capable of delivering powerful performances. Shreya's ability to portray diverse characters with depth and authenticity quickly became her signature, setting her apart in the competitive world of Indian cinema.Shreya kulkarni also marks her outstanding performance in her recent release ‘Delivery boy.
Her musical releases-
Shreya's talents extend beyond acting; she gained significant recognition through her music single "Dimple yetay galavar." This soulful song not only highlighted her melodious voice but also her acting skills through its captivating music video. The single became an overnight sensation, garnering millions of views and making Shreya a household name. This success in music seamlessly transitioned her into more significant film roles, further establishing her as a versatile and talented performer.Shreya's recent activity on Instagram, where she shared insights about the film, has generated significant buzz among her fans and followers.

In "Albela Aalam," Shreya is set to captivate audiences once again with her compelling performance. The film, produced by Dream Kraft Productions, is highly anticipated and marks another milestone in her flourishing career. 

Nazia: Physically demanding scenes are easier than emotional ones

Actress Nazia, who was recently seen in Tipppsy, says that she loves taking up new challenges as they help her grow. She says that she makes sure to prepare well for her scenes so that she looks natural on camera.“Every day on set is a new challenge and a new opportunity to grow. When I know I have long dialogues to deliver, I immerse myself fully into the script. I read and reread my lines until they feel like my own thoughts. I find a quiet place, maybe my favourite corner and I visualise the scene. I practice my lines aloud, experimenting with different emotions. You need focus, dedication, and a lot of mental rehearsal,” she says.
However, she adds that when it comes to long dialogues, she makes sure to finish in one take. “Performing long dialogues in one shot helps me stay in the flow of the character's emotions. It’s like a dance – once you find your rhythm, you don’t want to break it. Each take is a fresh start, and sometimes it's hard to capture that same intensity again. Of course, it requires a lot of preparation and concentration, but it feels incredibly rewarding when you nail it in one go,” she says.
Meanwhile, she adds that negative characters are always more versatile than positive ones. “Negative characters often have complex backstories and hidden motives, which makes them fascinating to portray. There’s a depth and a range of emotions to explore. There’s always something new to discover. Playing a negative role allows an actor to experiment with different shades and nuances, which can be immensely satisfying,” she says.
She adds, “It’s true, and sometimes the lines between the character and the actor can blur for the audience. I think the key is to remember that the hate is directed at the character, not you as a person. I try to take it as a compliment – it means I’ve done my job well if I’ve evoked strong emotions. It’s also important to stay grounded and remind yourself of the positive feedback and support you receive from those who appreciate your craft,” she says.
Meanwhile, talking about the challenges of acting that she faces, she says, "For me, physically challenging scenes are easier. They require stamina and sometimes rehearsals, but once you get the movements right, it’s just about execution. Emotional scenes, on the other hand, demand digging deep into your feelings and experiences. It can be draining and leave you feeling exposed. But that’s also what makes acting such a powerful art – it’s about connecting with those raw, real emotions.”

Too glam to give a damn: Shama Sikander in her white ethnicity is your quintessential diva

White has always been that colour that has symbolised royalty, class and elegance and well, one actress from the Indian entertainment industry who is a nice blend of all these three qualities is the one and only Shama Sikander. The talented actress has always proven her mettle on the big screen and well, over the years, she's certainly made her identity by cementing her niche as one of the most incredible fashionistas in the country. Confidence truly runs in her DNA and that's why, she's always exuding happy and positive vibes in literally anything and everything that she dons. She's one of those very few actresses who's literally not dependent on any stylist and believes in setting vogue trends instead of following them.
One of the biggest reasons why any type of outfit looks a glass apart on this enchanting and alluring diva is her strong fitness game. She's got the curves that literally seem like they are sculpted manually and no wonder, her swag and charismatic personality is something that can give any modern-day teenager a serious run for their money. While she's all her hotness and oomph in her western outfits, traditional white ensembles get the best out of her ethnicity. Her milky-white skin tone and natural beauty certainly ensures that she shines bright like a diamond in her white outfits and well, this beautiful plunging neckline high-chic, embellished custom-made lehenga is giving us the same vibe. To enhance her appearance further, we love the way she has styled herself in her diamond necklace and hoop earrings. Last but certainly not the least, how can we not talk about that beautiful and captivating smile that is literally stabbing hearts? In case you haven't seen this avatar of Shama Sikander, here are the snaps below that will enable you to crush on her and fall in love with her for real. Check out the viral and trending snaps below as she dazzles in white -
Absolutely mesmerizing and a 10/10 in the vogue game, ain't it? Here's hoping that she continues to inspire and impress with her vivacious personality. On the work front, Shama Sikander is set to have interesting projects happening at her end, the official announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.

Actress Lakshmi Manchu gets candid on her upcoming web series 'Yakshini' 

Lakshmi Manchu is one of the most incredible and wonderful performing artistes in the Indian entertainment industry. The actress has proven her mettle and potential across many occasions and no wonder, she's been a force to reckon with over the past many years. Some of the best work that she's done in her career till now includes the likes of Monster, Lakshmi Bomb, Dongata, Pitta Kathalu, Budugu, Kadal, Guntur Talkies, Dongala Mutha, W/o Ram, and many more. Currently, the diva is gearing up for the release of her upcoming Telugu web series Yakshini. Ever since Disney Plus Hotstar launched the poster and trailer of the series, there's been a lot of anticipation building up around the character and the project. Given the fact that fans have eagerly waited to see Lakshmi on-screen, they are jubilant about the fact that they are all set to see her in this upcoming series by Teja Marini. So, what exactly is Yakshini about and what can we expect from Lakshmi in this? On being asked more about the same, Lakshmi got candid and shared,
"So, I play Yakshini in the web series. For those who are not aware, Yakshini in its simplest term means those angels who protect the temples. All the women that you are seeing here are Yakshinis aka the gatekeepers who are protecting the temple. This is based on mythology but at the same time, fictionalized for today's world. What happens when Yakshinis come into Earth when they are cursed, how do they behave when they are on Earth, are they among us. So, to cut things short, this is an interesting fantasy series that's commercially made for our audience who believe in all this. However, there's an element of fictional touch to it. I am really excited for the release of the series and eagerly looking forward to it. Fingers crossed."
Well, there's absolutely no iota of doubt about the fact that the audience is super excited and thrilled beyond limits to see Lakshmi on-screen again and what better than a wholesome fantasy series like this where she brings her A game in acting. Here's wishing her good luck for this and all her future endeavours going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.

AJ KEE RAAT: A musical ode to love and farewell with Sweta Solanki & J Sahab

When love is at its peak and the fear of parting with your beloved looms large, the heart yearns for one more night—one last meeting to etch memories that will last a lifetime. This poignant sentiment is at the heart of "Aaj Kee Raat," a song that perfectly encapsulates the bittersweet moments of love and farewell. The music video for "Aaj Kee Raat" is a cinematic journey that brings this emotional experience to life, thanks to the collaborative efforts of a talented team and the stunning backdrop of the UAE.
"Aaj Kee Raat" is more than just a song; it's a narrative of love, longing, and the inevitable goodbye. The track resonates with anyone who has ever faced the pain of parting from a loved one, capturing the essence of those last precious moments together. The music video, produced by JS Production, features Sweta Solanki and Jsahab, who not only star in the video but also play pivotal roles in its creation. Sweta Solanki's direction brings a unique sensitivity to the portrayal of this emotional story, while Jsahab's production ensures that the visual and auditory elements complement each other perfectly.
The production of "Aaj Kee Raat" brought together a diverse and skilled team. The Director of Photography (DOP), Ashish Bhatta, along with Assistant DOP Kancha, crafted visually stunning scenes that capture the beauty and emotion of each moment. The executive production was overseen by Syed Ata ur Rehman Zaidi, ensuring that the project ran smoothly and met the highest standards.
The song itself features the soulful voice of Qadeer Khan, whose vocal performance adds depth and emotion to the lyrics. Wajid Saeed's music composition provides a fitting backdrop, blending seamlessly with the narrative to enhance the overall impact of the song. FK Studios handled the audio production, with Faizan Khurshid managing the mix and master, ensuring that the sound quality was impeccable.

Post-production is where the raw footage and audio are transformed into a polished final product. For "Aaj Kee Raat," this critical phase was handled by DX Production, with Abid Iqbal leading the editing process. The post-production work ensured that every scene was perfectly timed and that the transitions between moments were smooth and impactful. Syed Waqas from QMS Digital was responsible for the creative aspects, adding the final touches that made the video truly memorable.

Took up the show only because of the production house: Shweta Gautam on Pukaar - Dil se Dil Tak

Shweta Gautam plays the role of Padma in Prateek Sharma and Parth Shah’s Pukaar - Dil Se Dil Tak, which is produced under their banner, Studio LSD. The show went on air Monday on Sony Entertainment Television, and the actress says she took it up only because of the production house.
“I took up the show "Pukaar - Dil Se Dil Tak" for one reason: to be associated with the production house called LSD. We had been in talks for a very long time for different shows, but it never worked out. This time, since all my dates were free, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I took up the show only because of the production house,” she said.
“Prateek Sharma and Parth Shah understand you and your needs. Despite being so successful, they are very down-to-earth. They maintain a very positive environment on the set. I really don't know how much I can say because there is so much. All the good adjectives to describe them would be fewer. They are kind, positive, creative, and simply the best people to work with,” she added.Her character is called Padma, and she has adopted Vedika, one of the two daughters of Saraswati who get separated after a tragic accident. She added, “Her life revolves around her family. She is a very simple lady who loves Vedika dearly. She is a mother like all others, just a very positive lady.”
Shweta also spoke about the content on TV today and said that it has evolved. “Most things have become technically better, and appearances matter a lot more now. However, I feel it was much better when I started off. I've been in the industry for more than 25 years, and I've done and seen it all. I've mostly done mythological shows, but I've also worked in comedy and horror. I've worked with BP Singh, Ramanand Sagar, and Ashutosh Gowarikar, and there are so many beautiful producers and storylines I've been part of. Somewhere, I feel that today, while we are making many shows, we miss the soul—the essence. When I used to shoot, there were scenes in shows like Gharana, Solah Shringaar, and Sindoor, that had so much soul. If you remember a show called “Sailaab”, directed by Ravi Rai ji, it’s my all-time favorite. Those shows were so good that you couldn't wait to watch them. Today, everything is moving too fast,” she said.
“I know we are moving with the times, so no regrets. I think we have to be really lucky to be actors. I love my work, and it is my happy place. You go to shoot, play different characters, and live another life, which is the most beautiful part of our profession. You meet different people all the time, and it is never monotonous or boring. There is so much hard work involved—mentally, physically, and emotionally—which keeps you going. I thank God that I am an actor, and I just pray that I keep working until I die,” she concluded.

Abida Parveen and Atif Aslam show was a big hit in Dubai

After the massive success of the unprecedented and unique collaboration named ‘Symphony of Stars,’ featuring Abida Parveen and Atif Aslam together recently, the leading lifestyle management company Blu Blood is all set to bring the global pop sensation Enrique Iglesias to the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on September 13th, 2024.When the legendary music icons Abida Parveen and Atif Aslam shared the stage, the audience witnessed something truly breathtaking and unforgettable. The concert stood out from the ordinary, as fans went wild on social media, sharing numerous posts detailing their once-in-a-lifetime experiences and concert clips that touched the hearts of many, quickly going viral. It has entertained fans across the country, and now Blu Blood promises to deliver the same epic musical extravaganza with the Latin megastar Enrique Iglesias for the very first time.
Talking about the special concert, the most acclaimed artist Abida Parveen stated "The warmth from UAE audiences has always been incredible, and performing with Atif was the night's highlight. I hope we both brought joy to the Abu Dhabi crowd and created new memories. The love I receive each time makes it feel like my first performance there. Singing timeless tunes with Atif was a wonderfully nostalgic experience."On being asked about the concert, the celebrated singer Atif Aslam mentioned, “I was honored to share the stage for the first time with the legendary singer Abida ji. I have always enjoyed performing for my UAE audiences, but this concert was special and became one of my personal best. It was a night to cherish, and I hope we entertained the music lovers from all over the world who attended the concert. It felt like magic that night, thanks to Abida ji's contributions to music and Sufi poetry."
This much-anticipated concert, presented by Blu Blood and supported by Dubai Calendar, promises to be a memorable night full of nostalgic hits. Enrique, who has garnered numerous awards and sold over 180 million records, is known for his high-energy dance tracks that often blend English and Spanish, bridging cultural gaps and captivating a worldwide audience. Fans can anticipate an evening of singing and dancing to his popular tracks, including classics like 'Hero,' 'Bailando,' 'Escape,' 'Tonight,' 'Can You Hear Me,' and many more.However, this will be the megastar’s first time at the Coca-Cola Arena, and with only one night available, make sure you don't miss out on this impressive opportunity by getting your tickets at 2024 is predicted to be a year full of live performances, and Dubai's event season is off to a roaring start.








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