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Save 'Bhidu', Jackie moves HC against unauthorised use of his name

Actor Jackie Shroff on Tuesday approached the Delhi High Court against the unlicensed use of his name and personality attributes by several entities for commercial gain.Counsel appearing for the actor objected to the "misuse" of his personality and publicity rights through sale of merchandise, ringtones, wallpapers as well as "insulting" memes and GIFs and the use of artificial intelligence.He also alleged infringement of his trade mark rights on Marathi slang "bhidu",photographs, voice, and even his signature style.Jackie's counsel raised an objection to the "misuse" of his rights through the sale of ringtones, wallpapers, and merchandise. He also alleged infringement of his trade mark rights on the Marathi word "bhidu (partner)".
The actor's counsel said people can't be allowed to mislead consumers into buying products thinking they are endorsed by Jackie. "Jackie Shroff is so well known. People will think it is endorsed by him. He has a certain marketability to his name. It can't be done without his consent," the counsel said,Jackie's counsel also told the court that merchandise of mugs, signed posters, and bags were being sold online in violation of the actor's rights.
Apart from Jackie Shroff, Bollywood actors like Anil Kapoor, and veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan opted for a legal way to protect their, ‘personality rights’. In September 2023, the Delhi High Court passed an interim order to protect the personality rights of Anil Kapoor. The Delhi HC further restrained multiple entities from misusing his image, voice, name, and other particular elements that define the persona of the actor.


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