EU gives final approval to Artificial Intelligence act, China allocates billions of dollars to bailout its crisis-hit property sector, BJP expels Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh for contesting LS polls as independent candidate, Juvenile board cancels bail of Pune teen driver who killed two in Porsche crash,

Sanjay Sir unravels the most beautiful side of a woman: Kavitta Verma

Kavitta Verma, who was last seen in the film "Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Ladoo Dewana" and the T-Series web series "Kaala," recently did a photo shoot donning a beautiful lehenga choli look which bears an uncanny resemblance to Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s latest venture, "Heeramandi." Wearing a peach-colored lehenga choli with zari work, an outfit by Vikram Phadnis, the actress looked extremely beautiful. A yellow dupatta, along with a maangtikka, completed her look. She shared it with her followers on Instagram.
Talking about the series, she said, “I just loved the songs, the creation of that era, shringar rasa, and the amalgamation of love and sacrifice in the series.” Kavitta wishes to work with the ace filmmaker and said that it’s a dream for any woman to be cast by him. “Sanjay Sir is one director who unravels the most beautiful side of a woman. His aesthetics are to die for. I hope he knows of me sometime and casts me,” she said. Which films of his did you like? “Devdas," "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam," "Gangubai Kathiawadi,” she concluded.

Charrul Malik: Men and women share equal opportunity at home

Gone are the days when only men earned a livelihood and only women took care of the house, says actress Charrul Malik. It’s all about sharing the load now, she adds.“In many families, it's been the norm for men to take on the lead role, being the breadwinner and handling all the responsibilities. This has been the case for a long time, and it's often expected that men provide for the family. But things are changing now. Both men and women are sharing these responsibilities more equally,” she says.
In fact, she adds that this sort of setup puts no sort of pressure on either partner. “In families where both partners contribute equally, whether it's earning money or raising children, there's more harmony. It's essential for everyone to understand and accept this change. When men and women both play an equal role in running the household, there's less pressure on men, and everyone benefits. So, it's up to families, society, and the situation we're in to recognize and support this shift,” she says.

The acting profession is literally equivalent to gambling: Somy Ali

Former Bollywood actress and founder of No More Tears, an NGO that assists victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking, Somy Ali, says acting is a difficult profession. She compared it to gambling and says an actor never knows if the movie will be a hit or a fail and whether they are going to hit a jackpot or not. Sharing her thoughts on the common perception that actors earn a lot, she feels that it’s all their hard work, and if not all, then definitely of a few, and is totally justified.
“I will say this with certainty: acting is an extremely difficult craft and profession. There are multiple challenges, from being a one-hit wonder to one's career taking a complete 180-degree turn in a matter of a weekend when his or her film is deemed a flop or a hit. While I did not go to India to pursue acting and fell into it accidentally, I have as much insight about the industry as the next successful actor would. I have been terribly close to witnessing and experiencing the good and bad aspects of being an actor. And, yes, I do believe that many hard-working, successful actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Shah Rukh Khan, and the late Sushant Singh, all deserve a hefty, yet completely justified salary. This includes Tabu, Kajol, Rani Mukerji, and many female and male character actors too, because they truly know their artsmanship,” she said.
“While the newer lot are phenomenal too, like Alia Bhatt, Taapsee Pannu, and Deepika Padukone, the acting profession is literally equivalent to gambling because one never knows what hand they are being dealt or if they will even ever hit the jackpot. On top of all of those elements, there is the greatest factor of mockery: sucking up to the bigwigs, being used, and yet facing rejection. This is not an industry for people who aren't thick-skinned, because no matter who you are, be it Amitji or Alia, they all had to start at the bottom and prove their self-worth. Additionally, add on the biggest ingredient to it all being something as vague as one being lucky, and trust me, I have seen very successful talentless actors solely surviving on luck even today,” she added.
She feels that for actors too, it depends on which family they are coming from. While for some it’s difficult to earn their next meal until they become popular, for others they manage to continue living a lavish lifestyle because of their family money. “I think people who do their research are well aware if an actor started with money, as in one coming from a wealthy household or one trying desperately to earn enough to afford their next meal as they go from one audition to another. Actors like Kangana Ranaut have been very vocal about having to face the misfortunes of coming up in the industry the hard way and becoming one of the most successful actors we have to date,” she said.
“It's no secret that while I didn't move to India from the U.S. to become an actor, I did reside in the Searock Hotel, which was located in Bandra for my initial two years, to the extent where people made a mockery out of me that here's an aspiring actor struggling as she lives in a five-star hotel. Which is why I always say that the film industry, be it anywhere, is a very nasty and cruel place to be, just like the real world, and I have heard and seen many reject the entire world simply because they bore the harshness of what truly occurs once one is knee deep in it. It doesn't matter whether you come from money or not, because you will be picked on either way. It's kind of like being in high school all over again, with some staying back and repeating the same grade while others move rapidly with flying colors. As for people assuming that you are loaded, this is complete farce because nowadays everyone knows more than they should about a common man or an actor thanks to technology and their social media,” she added.

Reva Kaurase: Goodwill, references play a vital role in opening doors to opportunities in showbiz

While hardwork has its own place, networking plays a big role in making a place for yourself in the acting world, says actress Reva Kaurase. The actress plays the role of Rimzim in Prateek Sharma’s Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya : Shiv Shakti. She adds that luck, too, is important to survive here.“I believe that luck often intertwines with the concept of karma and good deeds. I do believe that positive actions and intentions can influence our paths in unexpected ways. Looking back on my career and life, I recall a time when I was feeling low, and an opportunity unexpectedly found me. It was a reminder that sometimes, when we least expect it, things fall into place,” she says.
Talking about manifestations, she adds, “I once experienced a significant shift in my perspective after reading a book which forced me to think positively. It taught me that failures are not setbacks but opportunities for growth. This shift in mindset allowed me to approach challenges with resilience and optimism, ultimately leading to this day.” Ask her if she feels that academic qualifications help in her field, and she says, “While academic qualifications have their place, I believe that self-knowledge, talent, and continuous learning are essential in our field. However, completing one's education provides a solid foundation and a sense of security. Knowledge is invaluable and something no one can take away from you, making it crucial for personal and professional development.” 
She adds, “In our profession, goodwill and references indeed play a vital role in opening doors to opportunities. Being kind and building relationships with people helps not only in the industry but generally, that's how the world should be, right? As for the audience response, it's been heartening to see their continued engagement and support. My character's journey is evolving and can't reveal that much, but I'm excited to explore new dimensions and challenges.”

Poonam Shende speaks about her new series ‘Naam Gum Jaayega’

Poonam Shende has been working in the industry for quite some time now. As a producer she has many superhit films like Bus Stop, Jaundyana Balasaheb, Pindadaan, Swami Public Ltd. As an actress she has done short films like Home Sweet Home which is internationally acclaimed. She has done Marathi films like AB Aani CD, Aani Ti Saha Patra and Maza BhirBhira, Hindi film Nail Polish. She has portrayed a beautiful loving mother in the song Sukha Dukkha Sari which has a beautiful story. She has also worked in multiple commercials, did print ads and hoarding shoots for various known brands and now the actress, entrepreneur is being seen in Atrangii’s new show Naam Gum Jaayega.
Sharing more details about the series Poonam says, "I am playing actor Rahul Singh's wife Radhika in the series. She is a fashion Designer who has left her career for her husband because he is a Police officer. He is extremely busy and occupied in his job and solving one of the major cases of a bomb blast. There are layers in my character as a wife. She also supports her husband. But as the story goes ahead we see how because of her naivete he gets into trouble and how she stands by him."
The series has been shot post lockdown and Poonam was eagerly waiting for this to come on air. She says, "We had a long wait and I am happy that now the series is released. It was wonderful working with all experienced actors like Rahul Singh, Romiit Raaj , Barkha Bisht, Akshay singh who is also the director and producer of this series too. Bahnishikha ma’am is a very good writer. The shooting atmosphere was very friendly, and I have learnt a lot.”
Poonam also shares what she feels about all the bold OTT content. She says,”As an actress I feel it should be there only if a character requires it. The way in which it will be shot is incredibly important. For example, in this series, I have an intimate, romantic scene with Rahul Singh and it needs to come out realistically on screen, so we've put in a lot of effort for that. But I must say I won't be comfortable in bold scenes because I feel we should be able to see our work with our family and parents. And that’s completely my point of view."

Aniruddh Dave on showbiz being uncertain, unpredictable: Not all days are the same

Actor Aniruddh Dave who was part of the film Kaagaz 2, says that the acting field can be very unpredictable. He adds that you need to roll with the times, and be flexible.“It’s a very common thing, irrespective of field or profession, there is an uncertainty. All days are not the same. There are some great days and some not-so-good days. At times, things work according to season. The same is true for actors as well; sometimes things don't work in their favour, and sometimes they don’t,” he says, adding, “I know a very good actor who got injured and he couldn't work, and that really affected him. Not every day is the same, struggle is there for everyone.”
He says that he remembers talking to megastar Amitabh Bachchan also about this. “I remember working with Amitabh Bachchan. I told him I have worked in television but I am struggling in films, he said, ‘Struggling is part of our life. Keep working and putting your efforts.’ My first job was in Jaipur Akashvani and I got my first pay cheque from there. I was always into creative jobs. Be it any person everyone goes through ups and down,” he says.

Actress Shreya Kulkarni casts vote in hometown Jalgaon

Actress Shreya Kulkarni, known for her stellar performances on screen, recently captivated the attention of her fans and the public alike as she returned to her roots in Jalgaon to exercise her democratic right. Accompanied by her family, the esteemed actress visited the polling booth amidst the ongoing Lok Sabha Election 2024 Phase 4, showcasing her commitment to the electoral process.Shreya Kulkarni, donning an aura of grace and dignity, cast her vote in the vibrant atmosphere of her hometown. Her presence at the polling station not only symbolized her personal commitment to democracy but also served as an inspiration to many of her admirers, urging them to participate actively in shaping the future of the nation.
Speaking on the occasion, Shreya expressed her enthusiasm for being able to contribute to the democratic process. She emphasized the importance of every citizen's role in the electoral process and encouraged everyone to exercise their voting rights diligently.Beyond her physical presence at the polling booth, Shreya Kulkarni has been actively leveraging her social media platforms to raise awareness about the significance of voting. With a substantial following across various social media channels, including Instagram. Shreya has been consistently sharing informative posts, engaging videos, and motivational messages, urging her followers to register and vote.

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai serves up comedy with a side of business drama

The upcoming episode of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai has a lot in store for the audience.In a casual get-together, Tiwari, Anita, and Vibhuti discuss how bad business is going, with no big orders coming in. Angoori tells Vibhuti that whoever brings in a big order, she'll give them everything she owns. Vibhuti, tempted by the offer, gets a big order through Prem, who knows someone in London looking to buy a lakh worth of Indian raw materials. Tiwari hires labourers to fulfil the order within 10 days, and they work tirelessly day and night to complete it. However, when Vibhuti goes to deliver the order, he finds out it was a scam. Tiwari, devastated by the news and unable to pay the workers on time, faces their anger. Meanwhile, Anita learns that Tiwari's business rival, Dubey, was behind the scam. So, Anita and Vibhuti, disguised as foreigners, trick Dubey into buying a lakh worth of raw materials in one night, which saves Tiwari's business.

Drools Pet Food appoints Rakul Preet Singh as Brand Ambassador 

The actor, along with the brand, surprised pet moms with customized hampers on the occasion of Mother’s Day.Mumbai. Drools, a leading Indian pet-food brand, announced the appointment of Bollywood actress Rakul Preet Singh as its brand ambassador. Rakul, who is vocal about her affection for animals, has previously collaborated with the brand making her a natural fit. This exciting partnership coincides with Mother's Day, a perfect occasion to celebrate the special bond between pet moms and their furry companions.
Through this collaboration, Rakul Preet Singh will champion pet wellness, raising awareness about proper pet nutrition and care. Drools aims to empower pet moms by addressing their challenges and expressing deep appreciation for their love and dedication.To build excitement, Drools launched a heartwarming teaser campaign on Instagram, sparking speculation about the mystery ambassador. Additionally, customized Drools hampers embedding a QR code were sent to pet moms across the country. Scanning the code revealed a personalized audio message from Rakul herself.
Speaking about this association, Dr. Shashank Sinha, CEO & Veterinarian, Drools said, “We are delighted to welcome Rakul to the Drools family. Her passion for animals, combined with her national appeal, makes her an ideal partner as we strive to create a more informed and empowered pet parent community in India. On this Mother's Day, we celebrate the incredible bond between pet moms and their furry companions, and Rakul's role will be instrumental in amplifying this message.” Expressing her excitement about this campaign, Rakul Preet Singh said, “I'm incredibly happy to be associated with Drools again. Having always been a pet mom, I understand the importance of providing our furry family members with the right nutrition. Drools' commitment to high-quality pet food resonates deeply with me, and I'm excited to work with them to empower pet parents and educate pet owners across the country.”Drools consistently endeavours to provide the best quality nutrition and products to pets. The brand understands the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet for a pet's growth hence their in-house team of vets and nutritionists formulate the product, which then undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure superior quality food, specific to the growing needs of pets.Link to the announcement:

Drools, India’s only MNC pet food company was established in 2010 by Fahim Sultan and is the flagship brand of DROOLS PET FOOD PRIVATE LIMITED. Set up in 2009 to focus on nutrition, health and welfare of pets, Drools was born to bridge a gap and ensure that all pets received the right kind of clean ingredients with wholesome balanced nutrition. The production of pet food for dogs and cats began in 2010 and Drools today, is one of the fastest growing pet food brands in South Asia with large product ranges developed with international quality standards.












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