Pakistan’s Punjab govt imposes 7-day prohibitory order, Canada declares Iran’s IRGC a terrorist entity, Bihar: Metro Rail Services to be rolled out in Muzaffarpur, Gaya, Darbhanga, Bhagalpur, Bus overturns in Himachal, four killed, 98 Indians died during Haj pilgrimage this year, says MEA,

Anupama Solanki: Social media is ruling the world now

Actress Anupama Solanki who has been part of Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai, Nath: Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani among others, says that it is very important to be active on social media in order to survive in the industry today. She also adds that when it comes to learning from the medium, she has had some great experiences.“Social media is ruling the world now. People start their day from social media and end their day with social media as well. If you are not on social media, you will lose your kingdom. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are our everything nowadays,” she says.
Ask her if she has made any lifestyle changes after seeing something on social media, and she says, “I made some changes in my lifestyle after social media. Like whenever I see something spiritual on social media, I love to learn more. I am a Lord Shiva devotee and I used to worship him. But I learnt how to worship him in the proper way from social media. I also try some of the things that social media influencers promote, but sometimes the results are good, and sometimes they are not. So, you need to be careful.”

Pari Bhatti: The response to Udne Ki Asha has been great

Actress Pari Bhatti, who plays the role of Juhi Jadhav in Rahul Tewary Production’s Udne ki Aasha, says that people are loving the show. She adds that her family is also a big fan of her show.“The response to Udne Ki Asha has been great. People love the show, their responses and compliments motivate us to work harder. ⁠The drama and storyline of the show is perfect to keep the audience interested. I feel like this show has the power to keep viewers coming back to watch it again every day. All my family members watch the show they always share pictures with me and appreciate and compliments my acting,” she says.She says that shooting for the show is so much fun as well. “I love shooting for the show. We have so much fun together. There are a lot of us who like to prank each other. The most prominent ones are when Sachin jiju pranks, he is definitely a prankster in all of us,” she says.

Somy Ali remembers doing a film with Om Puri

Former Bollywood actress Somy Ali came to Mumbai at the age of 16 only for her teenage crush, Salman Khan. She then made her Bollywood debut with Krishan Avatar in 1993, along with Mithun Chakraborty. During her time in Bollywood, between 1991-1998, she was paired opposite the who’s who of Bollywood and featured in movies like Anth, Yaar Gaddar, Teesra Kaun?, Aao Pyaar Karen, Andolan, and Mafia, to name a few.She said, “For me, it was my last film because I had to act opposite Om Puri ji, and it's hard enough to stand in the same frame with an actor of his caliber, let alone be the lead of a movie opposite him. I was extremely happy when Om Puriji broke the ice immediately when we met for the first time with a joke, seeing how nervous I was, and would practice all my lines with me prior to the filming. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who ended up being a lead with the biggest actors in the film industry, many of whom I grew up watching as a kid, and to be even in the same frame with them is not something I would ever forget or take lightly. I will always cherish my memories of working with the likes of Om Puri, Aamir, Sanju, or Chintuji, be it a film or a photoshoot, I still have the utmost respect for all my colleagues and thank them for being extremely kind towards me.”
She also remembered her first pay check and said that it was the inauguration of a jewelry store where she was invited to cut a ribbon. She added, “I can't recall the name, but I do remember it was a check for one lakh rupees, which I handed over to my father since I could care less how much money I was getting or making for any movie or photo opps. Yes, it's true that only people who come with money often say that money is not everything.”
She further said, “I believe that it is a load of rubbish because ask a person who doesn't come from money nor has it, and they will tell you exactly how important having the privilege of being well off is and how much and what money can buy for them. Thus, while it's a cliche that money doesn't buy everything, I totally disagree and have seen that only the wealthy go around saying that and live an oblivious life. Eventually, I remember my father taking me to a bank in Bandra somewhere to open up an account for me, which is where I would later learn to deposit any checks I received for my movies or commercials.”
However, for Somy, it was never about money, and she never took on more jobs to earn more money. “I wish I could say this without coming across as conceited or repulsive, but I truly didn't care for money, and it was never a prominent factor during my time in the film industry. All that changed in 2007, when I initiated my NGO,” she said.
Somy also revealed that she went through a financial crisis, and that’s why she started earning at a very young age. “When I was 14 years old, I began babysitting our neighbor's kid in the U.S. because I had no means of getting money. I recall getting six dollars an hour for my babysitting job and ten dollars an hour for my second job when I worked in a snooker club cleaning toilets. I was 15 years old at the time and dealt with the worst of humanity because there was a barrage of disgusting elderly men making a pass at me in that snooker club. I finally had to quit because of the perversion that came along with it. However, at this point in life, my biggest concern about money has been since the very first day I rescued a victim of domestic violence and saw that she didn't have the resources to purchase diapers or baby formula as she was entirely dependent on her husband financially, who was also her abuser. That day cemented the significance of having money and how every young girl, woman, or man should be financially independent,” she said.
“I have learned the value of money, furthermore, because of my NGO. It has humbled me and taught me a great deal about what is important in life and how one can buy their designer dress as long as they help the needy simultaneously. Both of these tasks do not need to be mutually exclusive, which is why I have immense respect for the wealthy who give a great deal to charity, including my organization,” she added.
Do you believe in saving for the future? “My only belief when it comes to money is to get as much as I can for my NGO so I can save more lives. I literally live and exist for that sole purpose because nothing has brought me so much joy and peace as saving lives, which is why I always say it's the most selfish thing I have ever done. So to answer your question, I do not have any savings, and I live to get funding for No More Tears on a daily basis,” she said.“My relationship with money has been very complex, from living in a mansion as a child in Pakistan, to being broke while being a teenager in the U.S. to being wealthy again while living in India from 16-24. And now, ever since I left India, I live in the present for the present because all that is meaningful to me is to make sure there is money in No More Tears' account so I can keep doing what I love,” Somy ended

Happy International Tea Day! Celebrities share their perfect tea blend

On May 21st, we celebrate the beloved beverage that brings people together and warms our hearts. For many, tea is more than just a drink -it's a comfort, a ritual, and a source of joy. Let’s raise a cup and explore the perfect tea blends of these celebrities.
Monika Singh
I am a real tea lover, and people love the tea I make. Earlier, I used to have 4-5 cups a day, but now that I am on a diet, I just have one cup in the morning. I have stopped drinking tea like I used to before. I love masala chai and Tapri Ki Cutting Chai. I totally agree that tea is an addiction.
Yashashri Masurkar
I am a chai lover... I love chai any time of the day. Especially when working on set, chai is like an energy booster. I love a perfectly made chai that has masala, adrak, and lemongrass. I like chai that's on the sweeter side. I am actually addicted to tea and can't live without it. I am also known to make good chai among my friends. I even wrote a shayari on this:
आओ सुनाऊँ तुम्हें कहानी नई,
किसी ने की बेवफ़ाई।
चाय की प्याली छोड़कर,
कॉफ़ी की चुस्की लगाई!
Kavitta Verma
I am definitely a tea person. I consume 2 to 3 cups a day, but I prefer lemon tea. It's very refreshing and soothing. I am addicted to it and need my share of tea each day. I feel energetic and satisfied with each sip. My day starts with one cup in the morning.
Aadesh Chaudhary
Tea is my favorite beverage, and I love having it, especially in the morning. I enjoy ginger tea and when I go out, I love having cutting chai. I particularly love cutting chai in a kulhad. Tea is a big addiction for me; I used to have 4-5 cups earlier, but now I have reduced it to two a day. There is no life without tea.
Megha Sharma
I’m not a big fan of regular tea, but I enjoy indulging in fancy ones like rose, mint, hibiscus, lemon, and green tea. Occasionally, I’ll have some traditional chai if I’m in the mood to accompany someone or during winter for warmth. But it’s not something I crave every day.
Deepali Pansare
I am not a tea person anymore. The day I quit sugar, I stopped enjoying tea. However, when I was a tea lover, I used to love elaichi or masala tea. I used to think I would never be able to live without it, but I guess it was just an addiction. There was a time when I used to wait for the clock to point to 6 PM to enjoy my tea, but not anymore!
Shivangi Verma
My favorite blend of tea is ginger tea with a little lemongrass in it. I feel that makes the tea a perfect drink! I wouldn’t say I am addicted to tea or coffee, but some people are so addicted that if they don’t get their tea on time, they go crazy. I have seen such people around me, but I am not one of them.
Shiwani Chakraborty
I'm a total tea lover - you can say I'm obsessed! Someone can easily lure me away by saying 'Let's go have a cup of tea!' I'm always in the mood for tea, whether I'm sad, happy, or stressed. I need tea to watch movies, to chat with friends... for me, tea is not just a drink, it's an emotion! My fellow tea lover friends and I always say, 'Chai is love!' I know drinking too much tea isn't good for my health, but I just can't help it - I love tea! As they say, 'What's love without a little pain?' So, yes, my love for tea is here to stay! And honestly, I could write an entire essay on this topic, but I think this is enough to show my passion for tea!

Offline guys entertainment makes debut in music video production

Offline Guys Entertainment proudly announces their foray into music video production with the release of Saregama’s latest single, "Roki Na". Sung by composed by Goldie Sohel and penned by Kunaal Vermaa, the video marks Offline Guys Entertainment's debut in this new venture, featuring the talented Paresh Pahuja and Anupriya Goenka in the lead roles and directed by Dibya Chatterjee.
This exciting collaboration signifies Offline Guys Entertainment’s commitment to diversifying its creative portfolio. *Speaking about their new venture, Anant K Srivastava from Offline Guys Entertainment said*, "We are thrilled to enter the music video production space with Saregama’s 'Roki Na'. Our goal is to bring compelling visuals that complement and elevate the musical experience, and we believe this video achieves just that."
In addition to "Roki Na," Offline Guys Entertainment has also made waves with the production of "Useless Bhawra," a song for Saregama's artist Pragati Nagpal. The song, composed and written by Vayu and produced by Vaibhav Pani, gained significant attention, including a reel by Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit. This track highlights the broad appeal and reach of the company’s audio productions, curated by Anant K Srivastava and produced by Offline Guys Entertainment.










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