Pakistan’s Punjab govt imposes 7-day prohibitory order, Canada declares Iran’s IRGC a terrorist entity, Bihar: Metro Rail Services to be rolled out in Muzaffarpur, Gaya, Darbhanga, Bhagalpur, Bus overturns in Himachal, four killed, 98 Indians died during Haj pilgrimage this year, says MEA,

Adaa Khan is one of the most well-traveled actresses

Embark on a virtual journey through the vibrant travel chronicles of Adaa Khan, as she takes us on a whirlwind adventure across the globe. From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the ancient marvels of Rome, Adaa's escapades are nothing short of awe-inspiring.This year, Adaa has been on a quest to explore the world's most captivating destinations and inspire wanderlust in all who follow her journey. With each step she takes, she paints a vivid picture of the beauty and diversity that our planet has to offer. Prague's enchanting cobblestone streets and Istanbul's bustling bazaars have also found their way into Adaa's travel diaries, adding to the allure of her adventures. And let's not forget the icing on the cake – her birthday celebration in the breathtaking city of Baku, Azerbaijan, nestled along the shores of the Caspian Sea.
But Adaa's travel escapades aren't just about sightseeing; they're a delicious journey through the world of flavors. A self-proclaimed foodie, she delights in sampling the local cuisines of each destination, from Spain's mouthwatering tapas to Italy's irresistible gelato.What sets Adaa apart is her fearless spirit of solo exploration. With each trip, she embraces the unknown, immersing herself fully in the culture and beauty of each destination she visits.
As you follow Adaa's travel diaries, you can't help but feel a twinge of envy. But more than that, you're inspired to embark on your own adventures, knowing that the world is waiting to be explored – one destination at a time. So pack your bags, and let Adaa Khan be your guide to a world of wanderlust and adventure. On being contacted Adaa says, "Travelling lis like oxygen to me. Whenever I get breaks between shows I travel. It was my birthday so I had to travel. I love to explore a new place, It’s a gift to me. I don’t believe in throwing parties. We all evolve as individuals. And I am blessed to have got the opportunity to travel. I think people gain a tremendous amount of wisdom when they travel."Travelling is what makes me balance life and feel joy. On the work front, Adaa was last seen doing a cameo in Waghle Ki Duniya on Sony SAB TV.

Award winner sound designer Resul Pookutty comes on board for Anupam Kher's directorial Tanvi the Great

Anupam Kher 's dream directorial has brought on board a marvelous team. Internationally acclaimed and academy award winner sound designer Resul Pookutty joins the team now and earlier the makers had announced Oscar winner MM Keeravani composing the music for the film, Kausar Munir penning the lyrics and Keiko Nakahara as the Director of Photography.Sound Designer Resul Pookutty who had been awarded with the prestigious Academy Award for best sound mixing for Slumdog Millionaire also is popularly known for his work on some of the humongous movies like Ra One, Highway,Pushpa.Collaborating with Anupam Kher for Tanvi the Great Resul Pookutty wrote," To be admired by your Industry colleagues for the work you do is the greatest satisfaction. Its icing on the cake when they invite you to be part of their dream run. The privilege and honour is mine.Take a bow at the enormous talent & of the ever youthful man of #HindiCinema @AnupamPKher."


Anupam Kher on this massive collaboration wrote,"Happy, Privileged and Honoured to introduce the OSCAR & BAFTA Winning #SoundDesigner of my directorial film #TanviTheGreat - Mr. Resul Pookutty. Resul is brilliant with his craft. His dedication and eye for the details is inspirational. Thank you dearest friend for being part of our musical #TanviTheGreat. Jai Ho!

Writer Anuraadha Tewari speaks about the new song Awargi in Raisinghani v/s Raisinghani

Popular show Raisinghani v/s Raisinghani, starring Jennifer Winget, Karan Wahi, Reem Shaikh, and Sanjay Nath is one of the most popular ones today. The show portrays the lives of young law professionals with different ideologies and approaches. Recently a new song was added to the show. Titled ‘Awaargi’, the lyrics for the song has been written by Vimal Kashyap along with Anuraadha Tewari who has also penned down the Story and Screenplay of the Show.
Sharing more details about the song she says,”This is a big turning point for Karan Wahi's Character in the Story. He has been quite a Casanova till that point. But he sees the value of the Girl who waited for him all this while. The purity of her Love has made him realise that he has the courage to finally commit to the relationship. We wanted to say all this through a song and not a scene. Hence it is called 'Virat's Anthem. Dedicated to The Girls who Waits for You.” Honestly, it's born out of so many such relationships around me.
The music has been composed by Music Director Nikhil Kamath ( of Nikhil Vinay duo fame). We wanted to create a song with an old school melody but sound contemporary. It's the soul of the character. Singer Aditya Narayan sung it and we feel he was the perfect choice for it!Anuraadha adds, "I sat down with Lyricist Vimal Kashyap who had written an earlier version as a scratch. Because I am the writer of the show, it was naturally easy for me to word the thoughts better. I know my Character inside out. That is how the hook and the mukhda came about. My thought was to express the surprise of a man who has never experienced love before. And his confession that he has been an 'awaara' lover boy before this. The fact that he has been won over by the girl’s purity is making him humble and emotional. It’s a moment of inner transformation. That's what we wanted to capture in words.”
The show has two of the most good looking actors of the industry and their casting has been a great reason for the popularity of the show. Regarding the visual presentation of the song Anuraadha shares,”Both Jen and Karan are really competent actors and massive stars on Tv. Their fan base is huge and they beg us each day to keep extending their love story. This song is dedicated to those fans. It is a sort of recap of their 'situationship'. Karan and Jennifer have not only lived these moments on screen but also made them so real that people have started wanting to get them married in real life!!! But more than that Fans often say that they are healing through this Love Story. This is the most touching thing for all of us. And the entire credit goes to #JeRan!
Unfortunately Original songs are not there for tv shows and webseries anymore, which used to be a trendsetter earlier. On this she says, "Yes that's true. Also there are songs that sound very temporary and of no great audio value. But when you work with a Film Music Director there is a different feel to it all. It's a sound that stays. Because they are used to creating Music that is meant to last. Music has always been a great tool in highlighting a storypoint and aiding storytelling worldwide. And in India, we have a tradition of telling stories through music for centuries. Our Cinema is unique because of that. So it's strange that web shows haven’t adapted to that yet. Am sure they will though, sooner than later, as we emerge with our unique voice in the OTT space."

Rinku Dhawan on joining Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta's Udaariyaan

Rinku Dhawan, who was last seen in Bigg Boss 17, has come on-board Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Udaariyaan, which is produced under their banner, Dreamiyata Entertainment Private Limited. The show is taking a 15-year leap, and the new episodes will air on May 30. It will feature Avinesh Rekhi, Aditi Bhagat, and Shreya Jain in lead roles, and Rinku will be seen as Avinesh’s stepmother.Speaking about the show and her character, she said, “It’s been a long-running and successful show, and being a part of it will add a star to my career for sure. I wanted to be a part of it, and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity. My role is that of a stepmother to the lead - Avinesh Rekhi. She’s a bit of a selfish woman who wants things only for herself and her kids, by manipulating, utilising and misusing another person through their emotions. My look is that of a Punjabi kudi.”
Before her stint in Bigg Boss, Rinku was seen on the TV show Titli, and is thankful to have work one after another in her hands. She is also grateful to producer couple Ravie and Sargun, and she said it is commendable what they have achieved at such a young age. “They are successful in their individual careers, and together they have also proved it. They have done wonders for themselves. That energy speaks to the work. I remember I had spoken to them earlier, also regarding work. So a few days ago, I sent them a thank-you message, and it was very lovely of them to revert with so much love and gratitude. It’s commendable, the love they spread,” she concluded.

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak: Shaina marries Raj?

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, which is produced by MAJ Productions (Mrinal Abhigyan Jha Productions) is keeping the audience hooked with the current twists and turns.In Wednesday's episode, Shaina is happy that she is marrying Raj and her plan will be successful only to realize that she married Vicky Jain her first husband again. As Shaina leaves she fires a bullet at Poonam as she can’t see raj Poonam together but the bullet hits Sumitra who falls unconscious and is rushed to the hospital.
In Thursday's episode, Sumitra hangs raj and kills him and throws him down the cliff and there is a shok Sabha at home wherein sumitra cries out loud for not able to add Raj ever again and is scared hearing him call out to her Maa and also seeing him seated and disappearing. Stay tuned to see what happens next.Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak airs on Colors TV from 10:30 pm Monday To Friday

Vishwatma actor Sonam Khan set to make a comeback, would prefer OTT project over films

Having been a part of cult films such as Tridev, Ajooba and Vishwatma, actor Sonam Khan was one of the most sought after female actors in the ‘90s, before she decided to quit the film industry 15 years ago. She left India and moved to Switzerland to focus on her family.Contemplating making a comeback soon, the actor expresses her wish to sign an OTT project.“I am not interested in doing movies,” she tells us, adding, “I really want to do something on OTT because with the web, there is no hero or heroine, and it’s just the characters without which the story cannot move. Also, I find OTT platforms more inclusive, and the stories are age appropriate, which is not always the case with Bollywood films.”Hailing the streaming platforms for not only the kind of opportunities and variety they offer, but also for how they envision stories and characters, Sonam says she can’t wait to face the camera again.“OTT gives you that chance to be yourself. In whatever content I have watched so far, I see women coming up the way they are. Manisha Koirala in Heeramandi is amazing and beautiful, and she commands the screen. That, I find so appealing. There are many other stars in the show, but she owns the domain, and only an OTT project with so much depth will offer you that scope. In all shows, there are several characters. and everyone gets their own space, which they own perfectly,” she notes.
In fact, the actor credits the growth of web space as one of the main reasons that lured her to look forward to a career in showbiz once again, and now, she craves to showcase her acting prowess. However, she wouldn’t want to call her entry a comeback.“I feel like I am starting all over again as a newcomer. So, I am still waiting to find a script and a story, which I feel is good enough for my re-entry as a newcomer and something that would appeal to my sensibilities. I am not questioning the people who have offered me some roles, but they didn’t resonate with my sensibilities,” she concludes.
“I feel like I am starting all over again as a newcomer. So, I am still waiting to find a script and a story, which I feel is good enough for my re-entry as a newcomer and something that would appeal to my sensibilities. I am not questioning the people who have offered me some roles, but they didn’t resonate with my sensibilities,” she concludes.

Cannes market abuzz with Manasvi Mamgai and Kate Holmes Toby Kebbel & Oscar winner Al Pacino 

Manasvi Mamgai, alongside 32RED Entertainment, has officially announced the launch of their latest thriller, *Captivated*, at the Cannes Market. The film, starring *Katie Holmes, Toby Kebbell, and Oscar-winner Al Pacino*, delves into the infamous 1973 kidnapping of Jean Paul Getty III, presenting a new perspective on the historic event.Captivated is directed by Dito Montiel, who co-wrote the script with Robin Shushan and Michael Mammoliti. The film focuses on the Calabrian mafia boss Saro, portrayed by Toby Kebbell, and in present day by Al Pacino. It explores the complex dynamics that arise when Saro falls in love with his victim's mother, played by Katie Holmes, during the intense ransom negotiations.
The project is particularly close to Mammoliti, who is the nephew of one of the primary kidnappers. Having long been engaged with the narrative surrounding the kidnapping, Mammoliti aims to bring a fresh and unheard perspective to the story through Captivated.
*Manasvi Mamgai, a key figure in bringing this project to fruition, expressed her enthusiasm,* “Bringing Captivated to life has been a deeply personal and passionate journey. We are committed to portraying the untold layers of this historic event, shedding light on the emotional complexities and unheard voices. This film will resonate with audiences by offering a fresh and compelling perspective.”
Manasvi Mamgai, along with producers Michael Benaroya, Michael Mammoliti, and Andrea Bucko, are dedicated to ensuring the film’s authenticity and emotional depth.Principal photography for Captivated is set to commence in Italy later this winter. International Film Trust (IFT) is managing worldwide sales and presented the film at the Marché du Film in Cannes this week. The project is financed by IFT, 32RED Entertainment, and Sugar Rush Pictures.
“Captivated has all the ingredients of a great film, a fantastic script, stellar cast, and visionary director, Benaroya Pictures CEO and IFT Founder Michael Benaroya said, “we couldn’t be more excited to have it on our slate.”Mammoliti added: “Our goal is to give a voice to a person who’s had none for 50+ years, and tell a side of this story no one knows.”














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