6.3 Magnitude Earthquake hits Taiwan, Bangladesh issues nationwide new heatwave alert for 3 more days, DGCA asks airlines to ensure that children up to the age of 12 years are allocated seats with their parents and guardians, 1,351 candidates in fray for phase 3 of Lok Sabha polls,

A clash of emotions unfolds in Rajan Shahi's 'Anupamaa'

In the ever-evolving drama of the show "Anupamaa," produced by Rajan Shahi (Directors Kut Production) where relationships are a delicate dance of emotions, a new twist unfolds as Shruti extends an unexpected invitation to Anupamaa for her cocktail function. While the gesture appears innocent on the surface, it stirs a pot of simmering tensions and unspoken questions, particularly for Aadhya.The storyline takes a dramatic turn when Aadhya finds herself grappling with conflicting emotions upon hearing about Anupamaa's invitation. With a sense of disappointment clouding her thoughts, Aadhya voices her inner turmoil, questioning why Shruti insists on involving Anupamaa in their affairs. The scene encapsulates the underlying tensions and complexities. Aadhya's question reverberates with unspoken concerns and hidden agendas, hinting at deeper rifts within the family dynamics.
As the narrative unfolds, viewers are drawn into the intricate web of relationships and emotions, witnessing the fragile balance between inclusion and exclusion. Anupama's acceptance of the invitation becomes a symbol of her resilience and grace in the face of adversity, while Aadhya's reaction sheds light on the shadows of doubt and insecurity that linger within.The stellar performances by the cast, including Rupali Ganguly as Anupamaa and Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni as Aadhya, bring depth and authenticity to the storyline, immersing viewers in the emotional journey of the characters. Through subtle nuances and heartfelt expressions, the actors breathe life into the complexities of familial bonds and societal expectations.
As the cocktail function approaches, tensions escalate, setting the stage for a showdown of emotions and revelations. Will Anupamaa's presence at the function bring healing and reconciliation, or will it only deepen the existing rifts within the family? And what secrets and surprises await amidst the clinking glasses and swirling emotions?In "Anupamaa," where every gesture carries weight and every word holds meaning, the invitation to Shruti's cocktail function becomes more than just an event— It emerges as a pivotal moment for reflection, change, and the revelation of concealed realities . Await the unfolding drama, one thing remains certain: in the tumultuous journey of life, every episode promises new beginnings and unforeseen consequences.

Adah Sharma's fitness regime is giving elephants a bath 

Adah Sharma is currently enjoying her status as the highest female grossing film lead of all time with the Kerala story Adah has a strong social media following and her fans not only love her hard-hitting performances in movies ,they love the fun videos she posts with animals and her fitness routines.Adah recently shared a video bathing an elephant which has gone viral online . Fans can't stop commenting on how they can't believe a top actress also does this !
Adah says ," Workouts should always be fun and working out with friends is the best. The elephants are my friends and giving them a bath is a whole core body workout which takes an hour. From shoulders, to biceps, to glutes and legs. This workout is equal crunches and leg raises and weight training all together . Diet plays an important role in fitness.I'm also pure vegetarian just like my favourite elephants."Adah who was last seen in Sunflower season 2 will next be seen in an international film. She has also joined hands with animal hospital TOLFA which works for abused animals.

Gugni Gill Panaich attends the opening of the first International Film Festival in Chandigarh

Talented Punjabi superstar and entrepreneur Gugni Gill Panaich is one diva who manages to remain in the limelight for all the right reasons. Apart from being a serious hustler who commands quite a bit of fan following, particularly in the Northern part of the country, Gugni is also someone who's always got the will and hunger to learn new things to hone her craft even better. She's currently basking in the glory of her latest successful film 'Jatti 15 Murrabean Wali' and no wonder, she deserves to be in a happy space. One important aspect that fans really admire about Gugni is her constant drive and will to learn and get better. Well, for an actor, attending film festivals of International standards, meeting the biggest and most wonderful brains of the fraternity and studying the process is a big part of that preparation. That's why, whenever she gets some time away from her usual busy schedule, she always makes it a point to attend such festivals whenever she can in order to have a great experience and meet some great minds. Well, that's exactly the positive and inspiring thought process that made Gugni attend the first-ever Cinevesture International Film Festival in Chandigarh as a guest. Yes, that's right.
This was the first-ever International film festival for Chandigarh and it has a spectacular line-up of 88 mesmerizing films from both national as well as International talents. Gugni looked absolutely brilliant and smoking hot in her all-green co-ord outfit and well, you simply cannot ignore that beautiful handbag which perfectly matches with the vibe of her outfit. She was truly spotted in her 'element' in her 'picture-perfect' moments and well, we truly feel that her smile can kill.
Apart from being a talented and admired actress, Gugni Gill Panaich is someone who's also known for her philanthropic activities and it is this humble nature of her's that makes her army of fans connect with her all the way more. On the work front, Gugni Gill Panaich is set to have many interesting work projects happening at her end, the announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.

Rhythm Wagholikar’s glowing review: Sreya Sarkar’s ‘Beneath the Veneer’ impresses

Author and celebrated commentator, Rhythm Wagholikar, delves into the pages of Sreya Sarkar’s debut novel, “Beneath the Veneer,” with eager anticipation. This gripping tale follows the intertwined lives of six women, serving as a poignant narrative of empowerment, resilience, triumph, love, solidarity, and a myriad of other emotions. At its core, the book navigates the harrowing realms of human trafficking and the insidious flesh trade industry.Wagholikar’s review resounds with unequivocal praise as he immerses himself in Sarkar’s masterful storytelling. He applauds the author’s deft handling of intricate plotlines and multifaceted characters, all of which converge to paint a vivid portrait of female strength and camaraderie. Through Sarkar’s lens, the struggles and victories of these women come alive, resonating deeply with readers.
He writes ‘ Sreya Sarkar’s debut novel, “Beneath the Veneer,” is a captivating exploration of the lives of six women in the vibrant imaginative town of Rangbihar, situated near the bustling city of Delhi. Through her expert storytelling, Sarkar delves into the dark underbelly of woman trafficking while simultaneously celebrating the unwavering strength and resilience of women.What truly sets this novel apart is its portrayal of women banding together in solidarity. Sarkar masterfully crafts a diverse cast of characters, ranging from a determined lawyer to a compassionate doctor, from a celebrated Arjuna awardee athlete to a resilient pickle factor owner, from a humble house helper to a determined housewife turned banking clerk. Despite their differing backgrounds and circumstances, these women form an unlikely yet powerful bond that reflects the complexities and richness of womanhood.
The narrative unfolds at a gripping pace, filled with suspenseful twists and turns that keep the reader on the edge of their seat. However, amidst the thrilling plot developments, there are instances where the story veers into clichés, such as the presence of an ashram linked to the flesh trade, young girls ensnared in forbidden love affairs, and women elevated to the status of deities during Navratri festivities. While these elements add to the dramatic tension of the narrative, the book turns a complete thriller.
Through the trials and triumphs of characters like Rani, Gunjan, Kesri, Falguni, Farzeen, and Asha, Sarkar beautifully illustrates the essence of womanhood—of overcoming fears, doubts, and societal expectations to carve out one’s own path. Her writing exudes a professional quality that defies the expectations of a debut novel, showcasing her innate talent and expertise as a storyteller.’
The climactic ending delivers a satisfying resolution to the story, leaving readers with a profound sense of closure and fulfillment. As a debut novel, “Beneath the Veneer” stands as a testament to female solidarity and resilience in the face of adversity, making it a fitting read for women empowerment. If you crave intricate, women-centric plots layered with depth and emotion, look no further than Sreya Sarkar’s compelling debut’.
In his review, Wagholikar commends Sarkar for crafting a narrative that not only entertains but also sparks meaningful reflection on pressing social issues. He highlights the importance of stories like “Beneath the Veneer” in shedding light on the dark realities of human trafficking while championing the resilience and strength of those affected by it.
Rhythm further states ‘The narrative unfolds with expert precision, weaving together suspenseful twists and heart-wrenching moments in equal measure. Wagholikar acknowledges the novel’s ability to keep readers on the edge of their seats, propelled by a relentless pace that mirrors the urgency of its subject matter. Despite the gravity of the themes explored, Sarkar infuses the story with moments of hope and resilience, offering a glimmer of light amidst the darkness.’

Tanuj Virwani wins big for his incredible performance in Jio Cinema's 'Bajao'

Tanuj Virwani is a man of many talents and as far as creative satisfaction is concerned, he is certainly in a good and positive space of mind. His current movie 'Yodha' is literally killing it in cinemas at the box office and Tanuj's role has been widely appreciated. He played the role of a respected military personnel as a leader of the Yodha Task Force and no wonder, it was an absolute delight for his fans. Given the fact that his last few projects, be it on OTT or movies have done really well, expectations are super high from his end. While Yodha is currently stealing all the limelight, one can't ignore the fact that Tanuj was also equally amazing and incredible in his Jio Cinema project 'Bajao'. While the critical acclaim and love of fans had come long back for him for Bajao, this time, it was all about a special award honour. Yes, you heard that right.
Tanuj won a prestigious award honour for his role in Bajao at the Asia One 'Greatest Brands & Leaders 2023-2024' for his incredible performance in Bajao and the actor is super happy. Regarding the big honour, he says and we quote,"Well, Bajao was an incredibly special project for me and I am delighted people still shower so much love on it. I am elated to have received this award in front of industry stalwarts from all over the globe and it means a lot to me as an artiste. Thank you so much to all my fans for showing so much love and appreciation. It means a lot."
Kudos to Tanuj Virwani for making it count and packing a punch with this incredible award. On the work front, Tanuj is all set to be seen hosting Splitsvilla X5 alongside Sunny Leone and netizens truly cannot wait for it. Here's wishing him much more success going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.

Somy Ali: We, as a society, are afraid to talk about domestic violence

Actress Somy Ali, who runs a US-based NGO called No More Tears and helps rehabilitate victims of domestic violence and rape, says that such topics are a taboo in society today. She adds that victims are still blamed for such social evils, and this needs to change.“Unfortunately, it's the stigma attached to victim blaming; be it human trafficking or domestic violence. What shocks me to no end is that even in 2024, some people place the blame on the victims or a person's sexual orientation. We, as a society, are afraid to talk about domestic violence as if it's some sort of disease that we will catch if we say even one word out loud about its existence. Not only that, people side with the abusers and assume the victims to be mad or mentally unstable and I say this with my own personal experience to be the absolute truth. It makes me sick how power and clout makes an abusive narcissist get away with so much based on his or her charm and an innate gift to fool the people who already worship them for their fame and power,” she says.
Talking about the dangers of protecting victims of domestic abuse and rape, she says, “There comes the risk of getting attacked by the abusers and traffickers which has been my misfortune too and them trying to file a lawsuit to shut us up from rescuing their victims. Then comes the big dilemma of getting funding because it has been my experience that people are far quicker to donate money for abused animals before abused human beings. While NMT also rescues pets within domestic violence households, I am in no way undermining the donations for abused animals, but I am simply stating what I have experienced running our charity over the years.”
As she completes 17 years of her NGO, she says this journey has changed her. “I have evolved emotionally to an unbelievable level because of my NGO. I have seen so much that is wrong with our world and our people and in the instance, I have seen so many who care to fix it with me that my life has taken a complete 180-degree turn on every level. My priorities are no longer to worry about not being married or having a boyfriend or giving birth when I see children who we are helping that do not have baby formula or even something as simple as diapers. I was always a recluse and a loner and chose one or two friends even as a child and that mindset of quality over quantity has cemented furthermore after working for this long with abused individuals. It's easier to help someone when you yourself were in that exact predicament or someone close to you has experienced it. That's when empathy kicks in and the victim understands that I know how he or she is feeling because I have been there. I was never an extrovert and always preferred staying home rather than going to a party even when I was younger which has stayed the same, but I definitely understand the human psyche way better than I did before I began working with victims. I have learned that life is a gift and it is something we need to be grateful for each day and not to take it for granted. Above all, I have learned that there is no such thing as perpetual bliss and happiness and no matter who we are, we will all fall down from time to time. It's the ones who get up again and again who truly matter.”

Aamir Ali's Fearless Stunt Work Shines in 'Lootere’

Aamir Ali, renowned for his versatile roles and exemplary dedication, delves into the adrenaline-fueled world of action in the upcoming OTT web series "Lootere." In a candid discussion, Aamir Ali shares insights into his thrilling experience, unveiling the daring action sequence that he did on his own during the making of the series.Recalling a pivotal moment during the shoot, Aamir Ali reminisces about an electrifying action sequence set in the heart of Khayelitsha, where he portrays an undercover agent in pursuit of justice.
Speaking of the show being memorable he said, "I'll always remember this show all my life. From getting the offer to what happened on the shoot, it's been such a great journey. Right from the makers to the technicians, all of us had to go through a lot, from the shooting, from the waiting, to the COVID pandemic - you know, we were stuck there.”Sharing an interesting story from the set he shared, “One incident I remember distinctly is when I was doing this action sequence where I am chasing a car in the climax the and the action director told me that I’ll have to do the stunt myself. I reminded him about how Khayelitsha is one of the most dangerous slums, and he still urged that I do it on my own. After 5 days, when we finished the action sequence, I got to know that my stunt double was scared to come in Khayelitsha because it's a complete black dominated slum, and that's why I had to do it on my own. So when you see the show, you'll know all that the car sequence is done by me”.
Aamir Ali's portrayal of the enigmatic undercover agent in "Lootere" promises to captivate audiences with its depth and intrigue. As viewers embark on this exhilarating journey, they will witness firsthand the sheer dedication and passion that define Aamir Ali's craft, elevating the series to new heights of excellence.Catch Aamir Ali in the riveting OTT web series "Lootere," where his portrayal of an undercover agent will leave audiences spellbound with its nuance and intensity.

Idlygo makes healthy and affordable South Indian staple reach the masses

Popular brand Idlygo celebrated World Idly Day over a discussion on the healthy quotient of the South Indian staple food in the presence of its Founder Anup Kanodia, Clinical Nutritionist and Lifestyle Consultant Ananya Bhowmik and Nidhi Asif of WYSIWYG on Saturday March 30 along with the team of Idlygo at the Press Club. The event also saw a cake-cutting by the team members.Anup Kanodia said, “In a world where easy, simple and nutritious food seems to be drowned in the sea of processed food options, IdlyGo emerges as a beacon of hope for those seeking a quick, wholesome meal on the go. Inspired by the need to reclaim the essence of traditional, nutritious food, IdlyGo embarked on a mission to provide a solution that resonated with the masses. Recognizing the nutritional value and convenience of idlys—steamed, light, and wholesome—IdlyGo introduced a menu centred around this South Indian staple. With two idlys served alongside fresh coconut chutney, IdlyGo crafted a filling meal that not only satisfied hunger but also catered to dietary needs.”
Conceptualized during the COVID pandemic Idlygo now has seven outlets across all corners of the city. “We started with cycle vending of two idlis at Rs.15 around Dalhousie area in Kolkata in Feb 2022. We launched our first brick and mortar cafe at Girish Park, Kolkata in March 2023. In less than a year we have expanded to seven outlets across the city,” added Kanodia.From just serving idlis, Idlygo now has a menu that comprises around 100 items. Divided into Best Sellers, Chef’s Special, Must Try, Recommended and New the menu has beverages, vadas, dosas, uttapams, various kinds of rice preparations, desserts, chutneys, beverages and ice creams too.









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