EU gives final approval to Artificial Intelligence act, China allocates billions of dollars to bailout its crisis-hit property sector, BJP expels Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh for contesting LS polls as independent candidate, Juvenile board cancels bail of Pune teen driver who killed two in Porsche crash,

XG drop their latest rap video out of nowhere

"XG TAPE" encompasses a performance series called "XG LAB STUDIO," focusing specifically on rap performances which originated from XG before their debut. In "XG TAPE #1 Chill Bill," JURIN and HARVEY showcased their adept rap skills over the beat of Rob $tone's "Chill Bill ft. J.Davis & Spook," sparking significant discussion among hip-hop fans, despite being pre-debut.

In "XG TAPE #2 GALZ XYPHER," COCONA, MAYA, HARVEY, and JURIN showed their rap skills, effortlessly switching between English, Japanese, and Korean over iconic hip-hop beats. Their unique culture, unparalleled in other groups, garnered reactions from numerous international artists and influencers on social media, solidifying XG's hip-hop identity on a global scale.
 "XG TAPE #4," marks the first vertical video in the "XG TAPE" series, featuring HARVEY in "Big Mad (HARVEY)" over Ktlyn's "Big Mad" beat. Watch as HARVEY, with blonde hair and sunglasses, delivers an original rap performance with a unique flow and groove.

Recently, on April 12th, XG released a collaboration single, "UNDEFEATED," with the rapidly growing popular FPS game "VALORANT." On May 21st, XG announced the release of their first all-rap song, "WOKE UP." Additionally, XG will kick off their first world tour, "XG 1st WORLD TOUR - The first HOWL," starting on May 18th.

Celebs share their views on the recent Dubai Flood incident: A Call to Reconnect with Nature and Protect Our Planet

Gulfam Khan Hussain
It was indeed a very scary situation. Dubai generally does not get heavy or even moderate rainfall hence they don't have a wide drainage system and then this heavy pour clogged the city and disrupted life completely. My younger sister lives in Dubai and she constantly sent us pictures of the storm and rain. We have gone rogue with mother nature, and when nature turns on its fury it rattles us. Cutting off trees, building concrete structures, turning the whole city into rubble and cement is taking us down. I love trees and plants but it has become so difficult to maintain them because of rising pollution... It is indeed high time we stop abusing nature because when mother nature turns back on us we will have nowhere to go. When you just go on taking from sources and not contributing back it is bound to go extinct. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, if you cut trees, you will face the heat. If you plunder the jungles the Earth under your feet will split too.
Simple Kaul
I believe we need really tough rules against cutting down trees, and people should be given incentives for planting them. Schools, colleges, and even buildings should organize more tree-planting events. Building stuff is necessary, but so is planting trees. If someone builds a new building or mall, they should have to plant trees too, or else they should face a fine.
Angad Hasija
It's really sad what happened in Dubai, but hopefully things are better now. We haven't been taking care of our planet, and we're too focused on competing with each other instead of being connected to nature. Basically, what goes around comes around. Every day, something bad is happening, and we're not appreciating our Earth. It's a wake-up call for everyone to start taking care of things. We need to reconnect with plants, animals, and remember that the universe takes care of us if we do our part. There are rules in the universe, but we've broken them all.
Vaquar Shaikh
Dubai faced the worst climate-related challenges in its history. My elder brother, my sister-in-law, and their kids, my nephew and niece, reside there. Life had come to a complete standstill. As we all know, the entire UAE—Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Alain, and the Emirates—was not equipped to handle such heavy rains and flooding. These rains were unexpected. In Oman, where floods occurred, there were casualties, including children.It was very sad and concerning to witness. My family has been living there; we have a house and a business, and life had been disrupted entirely. Nobody was going out; schools and colleges were closed, and offices were shut down. I think it's a significant concern, not only for the UAE but for the entire world. It's a wake-up call. In India, there's a major heatwave, especially in the west like Bombay and the surrounding areas, and also in the east with orange alerts. The climate is really taking its toll. April has already been tough, and the worst months, May and June, are yet to come. May God bless us to avoid further hardships, but we must also think about other creatures—birds, animals, and stray dogs—how will they survive? I want to appeal to people to please take care of animals on the streets, provide them with water and shelter, if possible. Even small gestures like offering them water or shade can make a difference. If we can do our part to fight this and maintain ecological balance, it will benefit all of us. Let's respect Mother Earth and not disrupt the ecological balance, or else Mother Nature will continue to surprise us with unexpected events like these rains. It's a matter of high concern for all of us. We need to wake up, educate ourselves and our children, and protect our planet for future generations. Let's come together and ensure incidents like these are minimised due to the ecological balance, which has been disrupted by humans.
Daanish Khan
Living in Dubai, recent extreme affected us. We were aware that rains and thunderstorms were expected during Eid in the UAE. Coming back from Bombay, it started raining as we arrived in Dubai. Luckily, I had already planned to stay indoors that day, as I usually do to relax before diving into work. Dubai, like Mumbai, has systems in place to assist during emergencies. Some hotels offered free stays to those stranded by floods, and the police and community pitched in to help. Despite this, the unusual weather was significant—it's the first time in 75 years Dubai had seen such conditions. It reminds us to stay vigilant about climate change. Dubai is already working on sustainability plans, which is crucial given the extreme heatwaves in India. To address the escalating climate crisis, individuals can start by planting trees and greenery, especially in places like India, where urbanization has taken over. Staying hydrated is also vital in the face of rising temperatures. On a global scale, combating climate change requires greener energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and prioritizing environmental preservation. It's essential for all of us to take action now.

Seerat Kapoor to set the screen on fire in "Usha Parinayam"? 

Seerat Kapoor who has always amazed the audience with her performances has no way to look back and is soaring heights each new day. Seerat has a very powerful 2024 with numerous projects releasing this year and recently the actress amazed the audience with her performance in the film Bhamakalapam 2. One news that has taken a round over the internet is that the talented actress Seerat Kapoor is gearing up to shoot a special mass number for the first time in her career, and it's none other than for the eminent Telugu director K. Vijaya Bhaskar's much-anticipated film, "Usha Parinayam".
Known for her exceptional dancing prowess showcased in previous hits like "Bhamakalapam 2" and "Maarich", Seerat Kapoor is ready to raise the bar even higher with this upcoming mass dance number. A little birdie from the sets of the film has revealed, "Yes the news is true that actress Seerat Kapoor is on board to shoot the biggest mass dance number of her career. After delivering massive hit dance performances in her previous films, Seerat is now set to shoot for a song that promises crazy hook steps and a desi native vibe. Her dance in this film is going to be a complete surprise package for everyone promising a spectacle that will leave audiences spellbound. Impressed by Seerat's dancing prowess, director K. Vijaya Bhaskar personally wanted her on board for this special song. And currently, the rehearsals are in full swing and the shoot of the song is all set to be shot in the coming week." Seerat also shared a picture on her social media as she headed for her rehearsals, sharing a selfie picture on her social media she wrote, "Rehearsal ready! Wish me luck.
"Usha Parinayam" is touted to be a complete family entertainer, adding further anticipation to Kapoor's electrifying performance. The film also marks the debut of Vijaya Bhaskar's son, Sree Kamal, in a leading role, alongside the talented Tanvi Akaanksha, who has been cast as the female lead. The ensemble cast includes esteemed actors such as Vennela Kishore, Sivaji Raja, Aamani, Sudha, Anand Chakrapani, Rajitha, Balakrishna, Surya, and Madhumani, ensuring a stellar cinematic experience for audiences.

Hanuman Jayanti Special: Sneha Wagh's divine connection with Shree Hanuman

Sneha Wagh is one of those actresses who lives positively and makes a very strong impression on the person who is watching her work. Sneha Wagh always feels privileged about the type of characters she has played till now in her career. But she also has a very special connection with her show Kahat Hanuman Jai Shree Ram as she got to play the character of Shree Hanuman's mother Anjani.Recently, Sneha Wagh received a video of Rajasthan's Mehendipur Balaji temple, from her old production team, which left her with multiple emotions. The production person told her that the people who were coming to the temple in the line were bowing down and offering prayers near her painting with bal Hanuman from the show Kahat Hanuman Jai Shree Ram.
While sharing her thoughts on this holy situation, Sneha Wagh said, "Oh I was surprised and shocked and mesmerised and wondering everything at once. I did not expect to see this at such a heavenly glorious temple - that's Balaji Temple of Mehendipur! I think this has brought me one step closer to the divine supreme."
Sneha Wagh is very much a spiritual person in real life; she loves and enjoys reading about Indian mythology and visiting our spiritual places."Playing Anjani Devi, who was a fallen apsara from Indralok, later gave birth to Shri Hanumanji due to her immense bhakti towards Mahadeva! This role was very close to my heart. The divine feminine power made me go through a lot of hardships to look like that. But unfortunately, covid struck and the materialistic things took over, which hampered the show. I wish we could continue with the show as it had a lot of potential,” Sneha Wagh concluded while sharing her memories about her association with the Kahat Hanuman Jai Shree Ram show.






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