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Weekly Horoscope- May 20-26, 2024

What do you say - your planets. May 20- 26, weekly horoscope. Transit of planets first this week. Sun in Taurus. Moon in Virgo. On 20th from 4.35 pm in Libra.In Scorpio from 02.56 am on 23rd.On 25th from 10.36 am in Sagittarius. Mars in Pisces.Mercury in Aries. Jupiter in Taurus. Venus in Taurus.Saturn in Aquarius.Rahu in Pisces and Ketu  in Virgo.Let us know how this week will be for your zodiac sign.
1- Aries
Favorable time is already going on for Aries people, this situation will last till 22nd. Completion of pending work will increase happiness. Progress in work and business will increase respect. In these days you should make full use of your time. Life partner's work business will increase. But abdominal pain may increase.But from Thursday, fear of the unknown may arise in the mind. There will be some restlessness during this period. Be careful while travelling. A situation of anger may arise due to not getting the work done on time. Complete the necessary tasks with patience. This situation will last till Sunday.Recite Mangal Kavach and worship Lord Hanuman. would benefit.
2- Taurus
For Taurus people, most of the week will be spent in fulfilling family responsibilities.You will have to take care of your health and that of your family members.There will be a state of apprehension in the mind regarding future actions. On the first day, postpone important work till evening.Your journey will be busy.There will be a need to pay attention to diet and health. Because time will be a bit unfavourable.From Monday evening onwards till Saturday morning, your time is starting to be favorable and as per your wish. The mind will be happy after receiving good news related to important works. Make good use of time and complete the necessary work. Because from Saturday forenoon the time will show some adverse effect. There will be apprehensions about tasks in the mind. Patience will be necessary.Worship Maa Durga for benefits.
3- Gemini
The time of people of this zodiac sign will show some adverse effects from the first day itself.Concern about honor and reputation will increase.Be patient till 22. Stay away from heavy food. Stay healthy by doing yoga etc.Be among nature. Do not allow stressful situations.If you want to invest then do it thoughtfully.A work done too cleverly may also result in loss. Be careful about your health also. Unknown fear may arise in the mind. Have some patience.The time from Thursday to Sunday will be better for you. Overall the mind will be happy. Honor and reputation will increase. Old matters will be resolved. There will be time for success in work and business. Happiness will increase by doing work according to your mind.Recite Ganpati Atharvashirsha for benefits.
4- Cancer
Time will be mixed for people with Cancer zodiac sign. The time till evening on the first day will be better for you.You will be stress free and will meet good people. Overall the mind will be happy. There will also be an increase in business.Your influence will also increase along with your responsibilities. During this time you would like to do something new. Pay attention to the health of family members from Monday evening till Saturday morning. Be careful while traveling keeping the weather in mind.Coordination with people will be necessary. Control your passion and anger.Some uneasiness may increase during this period. There will be unknown fear regarding the future in the mind.Time will be favorable from Saturday forenoon onwards. There will be benefit in travel and you will get good news. The family environment will be happy.Worship Lord Shiva for more benefits.
5- Leo 
The time of the week will be mixed for people of Leo zodiac sign.The time till Monday evening may be full of some problems. Maintain good behavior with people and it will be important to keep the weather in mind while eating and drinking.After this, i.e. between Monday evening and 22, it is time for progress for employed and business people. Circumstances are in your favor, so make good use of it.There will be better opportunities for employed people. Reputation will increase. And happiness will increase.But be a little careful about your health from Thursday to Sunday. Anxiety may increase. Abdominal pain may increase. Avoid investing too much as it may result in loss. Be cautious on long journeys.Worship Sun God and Lord Vishnu for benefits.
6- Virgo
The week will be mixed for Virgo people. The time till evening on the first day will give you rest. Plans related to auspicious activities will be made in the family. Time will be good. During this period your respect and honor will increase. Interest in work will increase and friendship with new people will also increase. People associated with politics will get benefits.Due to divine grace, luck will be on your side, so make good use of time and complete the pending tasks.After this, i.e. there will be a slight increase in expenditure between Monday evening to Wednesday. The mind will remain sad. Be careful while travelling.Maintain sweetness in conversation and behaviour.Between Thursday and Saturday morning, your respect and prestige will increase and your mind will be happy. In the meantime, complete the pending tasks.Time is going to be busy from Saturday forenoon onwards. be in good shape .Stomach disease may increase.Offer Durva to Lord Ganesha and recite Ganapati Atharvashirsha. would benefit.
7- Libra
Most of the week will be mixed.The time till evening on the first day will be a bit adverse, spend your money wisely. Pay attention to health. There may be pain in the legs. Be careful while travelling.The day from Monday evening till Wednesday will be good. You will spend time with family and feel better. Meanwhile, old problems will go away and profits will also start coming. Small investment can be profitable. Wherever you work, you will get full support from people there.From Thursday to Saturday morning, it will be necessary for you to maintain good behavior and eat a healthy diet.From Saturday forenoon the time will be good in many ways. Overall the mind will be happy. Reputation will increase.Worship Goddess Lakshmi on Friday and offer Kheer Prasad.
8- Scorpio
Scorpio zodiac people will have a mixed week. Therefore, keeping laziness and anger under control, important tasks should be completed in a planned manner by evening on the first day.Because this is a good time for you. Can start new work. Which will be suitable for you. Contact with outside people will also increase. After this, be careful about long journeys and spending money between 22. Eat food on time. Meanwhile, you may have to work hard to achieve success.But Thursday to Saturday morning time will be better for you. Happiness will increase if the family environment is pleasant.From Saturday forenoon onwards till Sunday, digestible food will be appropriate depending on the weather. Stay away from unpleasant situations and conflicts.Worship Hanuman ji for benefits.
9- Sagittarius
You are having a good time since day one. This will continue till 22.Do not do important work in a hurry. During this time, time will be good for you. Employed people and businessmen will get prestige in their work business. You will also benefit from friends. Some new work may be planned. You will meet nice and friendly people.But after this, i.e. between 23rd and 25th morning, take some caution while traveling. Despite hard work, stress will increase if work is not completed on time. Therefore patience will be necessary. Favorable time is starting from Saturday forenoon, which will be good in many ways. Time will be spent among family members. Worshiping Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.
10- Capricorn
The first day of the week will be full of hard work for people of this zodiac sign. Circumstances are not very favorable for you on the first day till evening.Don't rush into new work. Be careful while travelling. Pay attention to health.Stay away from confusion, anger and irritability. From now onwards till Saturday morning, if you remain positive in your mind all the time, there will be favorable growth in your work and business along with family happiness. Interaction with people will increase. There will be financial benefits also. It will be necessary to make good use of time.Money expenditure will increase from Saturday forenoon. Be careful while travelling. Doubts about work will remain in the mind. Worshiping Lord Shiva will be beneficial for you.
11- Aquarius
For Aquarius people, the daily routine will have to be balanced between the 1st and 22nd. Circumstances can be in your favor only with more effort. More money will be spent. Be careful in investing.Time will show little adverse effect. Pay attention to health. If needed, take help of yoga and spirituality. It will be necessary to be careful in expenses during the journey. Avoid anger and confusion. Do the necessary tasks patiently.Your time will be favorable from Thursday onwards.Family responsibilities will be fulfilled. Your respect will also increase. There will be desired profit in work and business.The mind will be happy when the old pending work is completed. Worship Lord Shiva.
12- Pisces
Time is going favourable for Pisces people. The benefit period will last till Monday evening.During this time, business or employed people should maintain faith in their employees. You will also be successful on the strength of your hard work and personality. Avoid excessive sentimentality. Money may be spent on means of happiness.External contacts will be beneficial and favourable. By the grace of God, auspicious work will be planned in the family.Be patient before trusting anyone too much between 20th evening and Saturday morning.There may also be a change of location. There will remain doubts in the mind regarding the success of the work.Pay attention to your spouse's health. Be careful in important tasks.Time will be a bit unfavourable.
From this onwards till Sunday your desired time is starting. This work will prove beneficial in business. Reputation will increase. Make good use of time. Worshiping Lord Vishnu will be beneficial.
This was the weekly horoscope.See you again on 27th May.Till then stay healthy and stay safe.

(Writer is a renouned Astrologer, Vastu consultant & spritual healer. He is based in Pune. His nos are-9425006196,7574885030)


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