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Weekly Horoscope- February 19 to 25, 2024

What do your planets say? February 19 to 25,2024.Transit of planets this week.Sun in Aquarius.Moon in Gemini.In Cancer from 7.45 am on 21st.In Leo from 7.26 pm on 23rd.Mars and Venus in Capricorn.Mercury in Capricorn, in Aquarius from 06.07 am on 20th.Jupiter in Aries. Saturn in Aquarius.Rahu in Pisces and Ketu in Virgo.Let's see the condition of your zodiac sign due to the movement of these planets.
1- Aries
The first two days will be very good for Aries people. Completion of your desired work will increase your happiness and joy. Most of the time will be spent with family members and friends. New plans will be made.You should make good use of this time.After this, i.e. from 21st till Sunday, it will be necessary to pay attention to health. Stomach and weather related problems may increase.Sometimes there will be fear of the unknown in the mind. It will be necessary to pay attention to the health of senior people in the family.Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmi Narayana Namah.Chant the mantra.would benefit.
2- Taurus
The week will be mixed for Taurus people.Maintain good relations with people during the first two days.Keeping health in mind,it would be better to take easily digestible food.Spend money wisely.After this, time will be very good between 21st to 23rd evening.Doing the work of your choice will increase your happiness and joy. Most of the time will be spent with family members. You will get support from people and you will be praised in your workplace as well. You will receive good news from far away. New friends will be made. Reputation will increase. Stalled work will be completed quickly. So make the most of your time, because the time from Friday evening onwards is going to be a bit unfavorable,be in good shape.Complete necessary tasks carefully.The mantra for maximum benefit is - Om Gopalay Uttaradhwajay Namah.
3- Gemini
It will be a mixed week for people of Gemini zodiac sign.Spend money wisely for the first two days.However, the time will be beneficial for you. Make good use of it.Businessmen and employed people will get new news,increase in work will make them happy.There will be profit from investment also.Between 21st to 23rd evening, stay away from excessive anger and emotionality.The mind will remain a little disturbed. Money expenditure may increase suddenly. There will be no special benefit in travelling. Keep your eating habits healthy.The time from Friday evening onwards will be especially better for you.Happiness will increase if work is done as per your wish.Your working style will be appreciated.Om Cleem Krishnay Namah. Chant the mantra.
4- Cancer
People with Cancer zodiac sign will have to do important tasks carefully during the first two days i.e.till Tuesday.Meanwhile, avoid unnecessary travel,stress and excessive expenses. The time from 21st to 23rd evening is starting very good. Happiness will increase if work is done as per your wish.Family responsibilities will be fulfilled. Maximum time will be spent among family members and friends.But from Friday evening, eat food according to weather and health and also maintain harmony with people.Stay away from arguments.The mantra to chant is- Om Hiranyagarbhaya Avyakt Rupinyai Namah.
5- Leo 
Time is already good for Leo people, which will remain good till 20th.New work may begin. The losses incurred in the past may also be compensated. Good relations will be formed between people at the work place and there will be appreciation also. Opportunities for financial gain will come.Be careful while traveling long distances and spending too much money between the 21st to the evening of 23rd. Even after working hard, you will get less success. Be patient. Weather related diseases may increase.Your best time is starting from Friday evening. Time will be spent in fun and hobbies among family and friends. Plans will be made for an external trip.For benefits, recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra. 
6- Virgo
More than half of the week is going to be a very good time for Virgo people.This will continue till the evening of 23rd.You should maintain balanced behavior with people. Don't let bad thoughts towards anyone come into your mind.Time will be in your favor.The pending work will be completed. Interaction with people will also increase and investment will also be profitable. There will be profit in work business. Reputation will increase. Make good use of your time.Because from Friday evening to Sunday the time will show a slightly adverse effect.Take care of the health of family members. Be careful while traveling long distances.For benefits, worship Goddess Bhagwati.
7- Libra 
For Libra people, the mind will remain a little disturbed during the first two days i.e. till Tuesday.Be careful and patient while traveling.Regular yoga will be necessary. Anxiety levels may increase.There will be obstacles in the work as per your wish.Have some patience because from 21st to Sunday the problems already going on will be resolved. You will feel better.There will be an atmosphere of enthusiasm after the desired work is completed.Reputation and profit will increase at the workplace.On Friday, offer Kheer to the Goddess and recite Shri Sukta.
8- Scorpio
For Scorpio people, caution is required from the first day. Doubts about work will remain in the mind. This will continue till the evening of 23rd.Be careful while traveling and spend your money wisely.Negligence towards health will not be good.Conditions will start becoming favorable from Friday evening onwards.The mind will be happy due to good profits in work business.For benefits, worship Kaal Bhairav ​​and Lord Shiva.
9- Sagittarius
People with Sagittarius zodiac sign will have to continue completing their important work in the first two days i.e.till Tuesday.Because your time will be good till 20th. Wealth and prestige will increase. The mind will be happy after important work is completed.After this, avoid spending more from 21st till Sunday.There will be some apprehension in the mind regarding the desired tasks.Be careful while traveling long distances and take care of your health.Profit will be less.Worship Lord Vishnu and fast on Thursday.
10- Capricorn
For Capricorn people, the time from the first day of the week till the evening of 23rd will be favorable to the mind.Most of the time will also be spent in grandeur.The mind will be happy due to increase in work and business.New contacts will be made.Reputation will increase.Make good use of time and leave laziness and complete necessary tasks.Because it will take more time and money to complete the necessary work from Friday evening onwards. There will be less possibility of profit in travel.Om Shri Vatsalay Namah. Chant the mantra regularly.
11- Aquarius
People of this zodiac sign will have to do important tasks carefully in the first two days i.e. till Tuesday.Take care of your health and eat healthy food.Be under the guidance of elders if needed.Pay attention to the health of senior members of the family also. Sometimes a situation of confusion and anger will arise.With patience and spirituality you can solve mental problems.After this, i.e. from 21st till Sunday, the time will start becoming favorable for you again.Past problems will go away and business will grow. The mind will be happy after getting success.The mantra for you is -Om Shri Upendraya Achyutay Namah.
12- Pisces
From the beginning of the week till the evening of 23rd, your worries will increase due to not getting work done as per your wish.Be patient in such a situation. Pay attention to health, especially there is a need to be careful about seasonal diseases. Maintain a good family atmosphere.Take help of spirituality.Your time of achievements will start from Friday evening onwards.New friends will be made who will be useful in future. The old dispute will be resolved.Reputation will increase and rivals will also be defeated. Your behavior and qualities will be discussed. Overall the mind will be happy.Worship Lord Vishnu and donate banana.
This was the weekly horoscope.Now let's meet again on 26th February.Till then stay healthy and stay safe .

(Writer is a renouned Astrologer, Vastu consultant & spritual healer. He is based in Pune. His nos are-9425006196,7574885030)

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